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Restore Coastal Wetlands

Wetlands are the foundation of coastal life. They are also critical for mitigating and adapting to climate change.

The mangrove forests, estuaries, lagoons and rivers where land meets the sea act as nurseries that allow our fish and birds to flourish. They clean our air, filter our water and store more carbon than any other ecosystem. They're our best defence against storms, floods and rising sea levels, protecting coastal communities from the worsening effects of climate change.

But did you know that most coastal wetlands in NSW have been drained, dredged and destroyed?

The good news is that with enough will, they can be restored within our lifetime.


Our plan to protect coastal wetlands:

  • Protect wetlands with stronger laws to prevent damage from pollution, overfishing and development.
  • Recognise wetlands as a climate solution and buffer against rising seas by setting blue carbon sequestration targets.
  • Restore our wetlands by working with the community to identify low-lying areas vulnerable to sea level rise, and advocating for their conversion back to healthy and functioning wetland ecosystems.

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Bring Back Our Wetlands

We're calling on the NSW Government to restore more of our coastal wetlands by working with the community, buying back drained marginal sites, and setting blue carbon restoration targets.

Sign the petition to bring back our wetlands!

Why do wetlands matter? 

Wetlands are critical to the ecological health of our coasts. From mangrove forests teeming with life to the estuaries, lagoons, rivers, marshes and lakes up and down the coastline – wetlands provide critical habitat to an incredibly diverse array of life, plant, human and animal. From producing seafood to protecting coastal communities from climate change, they provide countless, invaluable benefits to both people and nature. Click here to learn more about the value of coastal wetlands.


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What threats are wetlands facing?

Wetlands in NSW face a barrage of threats, including from climate change, inappropriate development, invasive species, pollution, agriculture and mining. Unfortunately, the majority of NSW's coastal wetlands have been lost since 1788, and those that remain are continuing to decline in health and extent. Click here to learn more about the threats to coastal wetlands in NSW.