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Our Staff

Meet our staff and find their contact details.

Chief Executive

Jacqui Mumford

Chief Executive 


Dr Brad Smith

Policy and Advocacy Director 


Ed Mortimer

Acting Organising Director 


Wilson Harris

Forest Campaigner / Community Organiser

Mel Gray

Water Campaigner / Community Organiser



Chris McMillan & Talitha Klevjer

Telephone Organisers

  • 02 9516 0614
  • 0480 038 588




Yashada Kulkarni

Supporter Engagement Officer


Healthy Ecosystems

Kate McShea

Healthy Ecosystems Program Coordinator 


Evelyn Chia

Bushfire Program Coordinator 


Kevin Taylor

Hotspots Ecologist 


Neale Watson

Hotspots Ecologist 


Belinda Kenny

Hotspots Ecologist 


Lucy Tremain

Healthy Ecosystems Program Officer 


Pete Knock

Large Forest Owls Project Coordinator  


Sam Johnson

Bushfire Conference Project Officer

Strategy and Operations

Jacquelyn Johnson

Strategy and Operations Director 


Queene Ostria

Finance & Compliance 


Amy Strandquist

Office Coordinator 


Deborah Mohr