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Member Groups

Nature Conservation Council's Member Groups are part of a vibrant democratic network of community environmental organisations. There are currently 197 Member Groups, and together we are the collective Voice for Nature in NSW.  

Member Groups often contribute to NCC’s strategic, impactful campaigns to strive for healthy nature and a safe climate for current and future generations. Through connecting a wide network of voices and environmental advocates across NSW, we create a stronger, more diverse, and influential movement for nature.  

By becoming a member group, you’ll also have the opportunity to help shape organisational policy and access our services and support. 

View some additional perks of becoming a member group and sign up here. If you do not have a constitution or charter, you may submit a statement outlining your organisation's aims and objectives. Membership applications are considered at monthly Executive meetings. Upon approval of your membership, fees may become payable. For more information, phone (02) 9516 1488.  

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