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The Nature Conservation Council of NSW is the state’s leading environmental advocacy organisation. For over 65 years the we have been the voice for nature in NSW. We advocate and campaign to protect nature and for a safe climate.

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Koalas Need Trees

Koala with Joey 1200pxKoalas are forecast to go extinct by 2050 if no action is taken to protect the species. Habitat is being destroyed by logging, development and mining. We work along the coast to protect koala habitat and save this iconic Australian species.



End Native Forest LoggingNative forests are still being logged, often to end up as woodchips, firewood or for pallets. Our wildlife deserved better. We're fighting for an end to end native forest logging in NSW.


Climate and Energy

Solar Nyngan 1200pxClimate change is here now and Australia must react quickly. NSW must do our part and phase out coal and other fossil fuels and switch to clean energy. Our work on the Renewables Roadmap paves the way for policies that reduce emissions from all sectors.


Revive Our Rivers

Revive Our RiversHealthy rivers and wetlands are essential for native wildlife, Aboriginal cultural heritage, local communities, and a diverse range of industries, from floodplain grazing to tourism and recreational fishing. We work with local communities to advocate for the restoration of natural flows to our rivers and wetlands.


Restore Coastal Wetlands

Coastal wetlands purify our water, drive coastal economies, absorb more carbon than any other ecosystem, and shield us from increasing extreme weather events.

Unfortunately, most coastal wetlands in NSW have been drained, dredged, and destroyed. We’re working to ensure wetlands are protected through stronger legislation, restored through community-led work on low-lying land, and recognized as an important tool for mitigating and protecting against climate change.


Stop Runaway Habitat Clearing

Habitat clearing in NSW is out of control and it’s getting worse. Since changes introduced in 2016, habitat clearing rates have tripled, with an area 4x the size of Newcastle lost each year.

Habitat clearing for agricultural development is now the biggest cause of environmental loss in NSW, with 50 million trees and almost 100,000 hectares lost each year. And the laws meant to protect nature aren't working.