• #Time2Choose

    #Time2Choose! Massive Rally

    Throughout history, there are some rare and powerful moments that build the power of the people and shift the course of our collective futures. Saturday, March 24, will be one of those days.

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  • Sydney Marine Park

    It's time for a Sydney Marine Park

    A Sydney Marine Park will help protect our wonderful marine life - like the weedy seadragon and blue groper - and help ensure we have fish for the future.

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  • Land clearing crowdfunder

    One court case. One more chance. One ask.

    We are urgently raising funds to take the Berejiklian government to court to scrap its destructive land-clearing laws, and to defend nature and the rule of law. Every donation helps, so please chip in today.

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  • Repowering Our Regions

    A clean-energy road map for NSW

    The way we power our lives is the biggest single factor driving climate change, with 79% of our electricity coming from coal-burning power stations. It’s doesn’t have to be this way. Our new report shows that going 100% renewable is 100% doable.

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  • Hot, dry and deadly

    Hot, Dry, and Deadly

    Climate change is a deadly new threat four our unique native wildlife and ecosystems. Our new report highlights the risk of global warming for nature in NSW and need for urgent action to reduce our climate pollution.

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  • Save our Murray-Darling

    Save our Murray-Darling river system

    Our rivers, wetlands and waterbirds can’t handle billions of litres of water being stolen by agribusiness. We need a judicial inquiry into water theft and a commitment by the NSW Government to implement the Murray-Darling Basin Plan, in full, on time!

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  • Wallabies, (c) Anne Miehs

    Stand Up For Nature

    The NSW Coalition Government has passed laws that will unleash a wave of tree clearing across the state. Many of our most iconic animals like koalas, quolls and pygmy possums are already on the brink. Sadly, these new laws could be the final straw.

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  • Repower NSW - petition

    Let's Repower NSW

    Join us to break free from the polluting energy of the past so everyone, everywhere can have clean energy. Let’s act on climate change together.

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