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Community Organisation Fellowship

The Community Organising Fellowship (COF) empowers community leaders and social change makers to achieve their purpose through a transformational training program. The Nature Conservation Council of NSW is a founding partner of the COF. 

Since its launch in 2014, the COF has taken a cohort of 25 participants annually on a journey of connecting, learning, leadership, and skills development. 

The COF training is participatory, experiential, and highly practical, with a focus on real-world application. The curriculum is structured around 5 key learning areas, with deep dives into campaign strategy, community organising, justice and solidarity, leadership and working with groups, facilitation and training.

The COF mission is to build the power of our movements by training and mentoring a national network of highly-skilled community organisers and campaigners to activate and mobilise communities around shared values to win targeted and strategic campaigns

COF Fellows have led and won countless campaigns for social and environmental justice, and have facilitated more than 1000 workshops to share community organising and campaigning skills with more than 15,000 staff, volunteers, and community leaders.

The Community Organisation Fellowship is currently under review.