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Stop Redbank Power Station

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Verdant Earth is at it again - seeking to reopen Redbank Power Station and burn our forests to produce electricity.

Last year, after a mammoth community effort, we were able to stop Verdant Energy from sourcing timber from our state forests to burn for electricity.  

Now, they are at it again, seeking forest and bush cleared on private land. 

The ridiculous thing is that they are claiming that this will be good for nature and the climate.  

This would cause large-scale habitat loss and devastate our already at-risk ecosystems.

It would also be terrible for the climate. Burning green wood chips emits 50% more CO2 per megawatt hour of energy produced than coal, while undermining investment in genuinely clean energy. 

The scale of this proposal is truly scary - 850,000 tonnes of woodchips is more than is produced by the entire native forest logging industry in NSW.

The ridiculous thing is that they are claiming this would “help decarbonise the electricity system” and “be ecologically sustainable".

But make no mistake, burning native forests, bush, grasses and regenerated paddocks for electricity is one of the worst things we can do for nature and the climate.

Thousands of hectares of native forests and bush are at risk of being destroyed.

The feed-in area of forests, bush and grassland included in the proposal.





Doublespeak with a devastating impact – proposal to destroy and burn forest bad for nature and the climate (18 March 2024)




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