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Our Work

Climate & Energy

The Nature Conservation Council recognises that climate change is an existential threat to civilisation and nature. Burning fossil fuels and cutting down forests has rapidly changed the composition of the atmosphere.  To...
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Rivers & Wetlands

Healthy rivers and wetlands are essential for native wildlife, Aboriginal cultural heritage, local communities, and a diverse range of industries, from floodplain grazing to tourism and recreational fishing. The rivers and wetlands...
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Large Forest Owls Project

Through this project we are working with landholders to protect and enhance key nesting sites and habitat resources for Vulnerable large forest owls across the Richmond-Clarence Lowlands. The project is working to...
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Bushfire Program

Ecologically Sensitive Bushfire Management  The Bushfire Program is the longest running of the NCC Healthy Ecosystem Programs. Its vision is to ensure that all bushfire management activity is ecologically sustainable while protecting...
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