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Our Work

Rivers & Wetlands

Healthy rivers and wetlands are essential for native wildlife, Aboriginal cultural heritage, local communities, and a diverse range of industries, from floodplain grazing to tourism and recreational fishing. The rivers and wetlands...
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Large Forest Owls Project

The Nature Conservation Council of NSW (NCC) has been running private property conservation initiatives for the large forest owls (Barking, Powerful and Masked Owls) since 2019. The works are focused across Bundjalung,...
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Healthy Ecosystems

Our Healthy Ecosystems program helps maintain and enhance biodiversity, cultural values and resilience by engaging, educating and training communities. Real-world challenges demand real-world solutions We work with rural property owners, public land managers...
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Bushfire Program

Ecologically Sensitive Bushfire Management  The Bushfire Program is the longest running of the NCC Healthy Ecosystem Programs. Its vision is to ensure that all bushfire management activity is ecologically sustainable while protecting...
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Community Organisation Fellowship

The Community Organising Fellowship (COF) empowers community leaders and social change makers to achieve their purpose through a transformational training program. The Nature Conservation Council of NSW is a founding partner of...
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