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Our Impact

While on-the-ground conservation work is vital, only long-term advocacy delivers the lasting, systemic changes we need to protect nature and our climate for future generations.

That’s why nature needs a voice in public debates and in the halls of power.

The Nature Conservation Council has an excellent track record as advocates for nature, having secured big wins on key environmental issues over more than 65 years.

Some of our recent wins include:

  • Stopping the proposed Angus Place coal mine, that would have destroyed precious wetlands and contributed up to 295 million tonnes of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.
  • Ensuring protected old-growth forests were not re-mapped to allow logging
  • A $32 billion renewable energy package and renewable energy zones
  • Maintaining the integrity of the Menindee Lakes and its connection with the Darling-Baaka River.
  • Incentives and policies to make electric vehicles more affordable
  • Blocking new floodplain harvesting licences, that would legalise the diversion of billions of litres of water away from rivers and into private dams

As part of our work:

  • We meet regularly with government ministers, heads of authorities and corporations to advocate for nature.  
  • We provide expert evidence at parliamentary inquiries.
  • We make submissions to many inquiries and planning processes to advocate for nature. 
  • We facilitate meetings with our member groups and other stakeholders. 
  • We provide comment to the media and on social media to influence the public debate and provide a clear and consistent voice for nature.
  • We lead and organise a movement of people concerned for the environment and help direct their efforts to the most strategic places. 
  • We hold events to advocate for nature.

    Press conference outside NSW Parliament

A proud history of advocacy for nature

As the state’s leading environmental advocacy organisation, it is our mission to protect nature in NSW and create the conditions it needs to thrive.

Founded in 1955, we have been at the centre of the state’s most important conservation battles and have notched up countless wins for wildlife, bushland, marine life, and local communities.

We run campaigns, mobilise communities, and advocate passionately for the protection of our unique wildlife and bushland.

We also play a leading role in fire policy, education, and ecology through our Healthy Ecosystems Program.

Our wins

We take inspiration from our past wins. Since we were formed in 1955, we have driven the expansion of the state’s national parks system, which now protects millions of hectares of precious bushland and wildlife habitat on land and at sea.

We have helped formulate laws that preserve our unique native plants and animals and protect stunning landscapes and wildernesses areas. We have been the driving force behind better bushfire management, new measures to control pollution and deforestation, and laws that protect the water we drink and air we breathe.