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Forests & Koalas

The Nature Conservation Council works to protect native forests and the animals and plants that live in them.

Worth More Standing - End Native Forest Logging

Our native forests are worth more standing. Native forests provide important habitat to many species and are there for the enjoyment of many different activities.  With many of our forests heavily impacted by severe bushfires, we need to protect as much native forest as we can.  Our native forests continue to be logged, with some being wood-chipped and exported to make toilet paper and cardboard.  Native forests only make up 9% of NSW timber and are subsidised by plantation.  

It's clear that native forests are worth more standing and NSW should end the native forest logging now. 


Koalas Need Trees

Koalas Need Trees is a grassroots campaign led by koala champions across the state. We are standing up to politicians and big business who stand by while koalas head towards extinction.  

Koalas are forecast to be extinct in New South Wales before 2050 unless we act quickly. 

Cutting down trees for urban development, logging and agriculture is destroying koala habitat and threatens their existence - yet the government is failing to act to protect koala habitat.

Koalas need human champions to campaign and lobby for their survival. We must speak up for koalas in the face of development and logging interests. Koalas don’t have a voice or the deep pockets of developers but we can speak up for them. 



Breach Watch - Citizen Science

Breach Watch is a program where ordinary citizens can help protect native forests by monitoring and reporting logging breaches. We measure tree diameters and heights, look for hollows that have been destroyed by logging, ensure habitat, nectar and giant trees are not destroyed by the chainsaws. This important work has stopped loggers in their tracks and protect native forests.

Check out the Breach Watch website and join in.


Stop Redbank Power Station

There is a crazy proposal to reopen a dirty old coal-fired power station and burn forest 'waste' to fuel its boilers.  This bio-energy would be an absolute disaster for our native forests and encourage further logging.  Transporting such a large amount of 'forest waste' to the Hunter Valley has a big environmental and community footprint.