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Picnic for Nature 2022

We have a bold plan. On the 16th of October this year, we will be holding our first Picnic for Nature event where all across the state local communities will host and hold picnics - coming together to celebrate nature. But it’s more than just a fun day of getting outside with your family. It’s an opportunity to celebrate the natural beauty and biodiversity of your local area and a chance to connect with your local community. 

Each picnic will be hosted by a local group or community alliance, and so will be unique to your area. Some will have music, games for the kids, local stalls or even community clean ups! Be sure to bring your family and friends, a picnic blanket, and of course, food!

Search the map or the list below to find and RSVP to your local Picnic. You can RSVP by clicking on your local Picnic, and you will be taken to the Picnic's event page.

Please note that your information will be shared with the host organisation.


Sign Up to Co-Host your own Picnic!

If you don't see a picnic in your local area - you can sign up to host your own!

If you think that your community deserved a good day our in the sun, join us to be part of this exciting state-wide picnic for nature. Co-hosts will be provided with support and materials to help you plan and execute your event including:

  • Promoting and showing each picnic location on our website;  
  • Encouraging people to RSVP;  
  • Passing on details to groups;  
  • Providing materials;  
  • Helping with organising and media. 

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There are currently no upcoming picnic for natures.