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We’re planning a state-wide picnic day in 2024 to bring people together to celebrate nature, grow the movement and talk about how we can conserve nature.  

Last year we had simultaneous picnics across NSW with over 1,000 people attending 40 hosted by 63 groups. Picnic hosts reported that it was a great event to reconnect with the local community, energise their group and find new volunteers. 

We are inviting you to host your own Picnic for Nature in 2024! Your group can either host your own, or join forces with other local groups in the area to host one together. 

NCC can support your group in hosting a picnic by: 

  • Promoting and showing each picnic location on our website;  
  • Encouraging people to RSVP;  
  • Providing support with material creation;  
  • Promotion guidance. 

Please fill in all the details in the form to register interest. We've got some exciting ideas for 2024 - watch this space!

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