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Join the NSW Election Campaign

Leading up to the next NSW election in March 2023, political parties and candidates across NSW will be deciding on the issues that they see as most important to voters across the state. 

The months leading up to an election are always a great opportunity to engage in public debate, raise awareness and put pressure on candidates and politicians to commit to address your issues. 

But now, in 2022, it’s different. Koalas have just been declared endangered and face extinction by 2050, logging and clearing continues to destroy important habitat across the state, and our climate goals still fall short of what is needed to have a safe and stable climate.

We will be able to turn this around. But to do this, we need everyone involved. 

Our goal for the next five months is simple. We want to put the biodiversity and climate crises front and centre in the minds of every candidate contesting the NSW election.

But in order to make it a reality we’re going to need your help. 

Will you join us in helping put nature and climate at the front of the NSW election in March?

Fill out the form to get involved. We will then get in touch with ways you can help.

Note: to see our upcoming election training events, please follow this link.

Will you volunteer?