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Sign up for our election campaign training

We would like to invite you to a one-hour online training session to train you in effective and simple ways that anyone can be involved in their community in the lead up to the election and contribute to a healthy, sustainable NSW.

There is so much at stake. Koalas face extinction in our lifetimes, carbon emissions are still rising, and our precious inland rivers are being disastrously mismanaged. 

We know the decisions made in the next term of the NSW Parliament are essential to turn the ship around. 

This campaign will utilise our 67 year history of strong non-partisan political campaigning, allowing us to constructively work with all parties and candidates to create a strong focus on nature and a safe climate. 

By not endorsing particular candidates – we have a unique position and integrity on these issues. 

There is just four months to go – and so we must start now. 

And for all this to happen, we need your help. 

Sign up below on your preferred date to get skilled up in the areas required to create a bright future for NSW. 

There are currently no upcoming events.