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Election Campaign

It’s time for a new deal for nature in NSW.

We can have a future where koalas prosper, our trees grow tall, our rivers run strong and our climate is safe. Our society can thrive in harmony with nature. This will safeguard our life support systems and be a gift for future generations.

The community is on board.

The people of NSW want to live and work in harmony with nature. We know that is the best way to care for people and meet our economic needs. Nature is the lungs of the earth, essential to clean air and a sustainable climate. Only 1 in 4 people in NSW thinks the current government is doing enough to protect our environment.

But dirty politics is standing the way.

However, private interests like developers and agribusiness continue to profit from broadscale habitat destruction. The NSW Government has sided with these vested interests to fast-track the logging, clearing and polluting that is wrecking nature in NSW. They’re sacrificing what sustains us to keep their mates happy.

This election, we can turn this around with our voices and our votes for nature. Join the campaign for a New Deal for Nature in NSW.

See below for a range of ways to be able to get involved.