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We have been actively involved in fire management, bushfire education and advocacy for sustainable land policy since 1979.

2017 Bushfire Conference

Biennial Bushfire Conference

Save the date: Our next Bushfire Conference will be held on the 19th and 20th of May 2020, with a Field Day on the 21st. 

More information about the conference will become available closer to the date. 

Due to the 6th International Fire Behavior and Fuels Conference held in Sydney in April 2018, the next NCC Bushfire Conference was moved to 2020.

Our last Bushfire Conference, Fire, Fauna and Ferals, was held in Sydney on 30-31 May 2017, with a Field Day on 1 June. Conference proceedings are available below.

2017 Bushfire Conference

Fire, people and landscapes 

The Australian landscape has evolved under a natural and cultural regime of fire over many thousands of years, and bushfire continues to be critical for the survival of many of our plants and animals. It is when bushfire interacts with society that disasters can result. From a human perspective, bush fire is one of Australia's most frequent and devastating natural hazards.

Ecologically sensitive bushfire management 

The Bushfire Program arose to "ensure that all Bushfire Management activity is ecologically sustainable while protecting life and property". The program has been actively involved in fire management, bush fire education and advocacy for sustainable land policy since 1979, and since the Rural Fires Act 1997 we have had statutory rights to appoint conservation representatives to the state's peak Bushfire Co-ordinating Committee (BFCC), Rural Fire Service Advisory Committee (RFSAC), and Bushfire Management Committees (BFMCs) around the state.

Bushfire Co-ordinating Committee (BFCC)

The Bushfire Co-ordinating Committee reports to the Minister for Emergency Services, and oversees planning for fire prevention and co-ordinated bush firefighting. The BFCC also approves draft bushfire risk management plans developed by bushfire management committees. 

Rural Fire Service Advisory Council (RFSAC)

The Rural Fire Service Advisory Council advises and reports to the Minister and the NSW Rural Fire Service (RFS) Commissioner on subjects relating to the administration of the Rural Fire Service.

Bush Fire Advisory Committee (BFAC)

The Bushfire Advisory Committee (BFAC) is an NCC committee that provides strategic and technical advice to the NCC Bushfire Program. 

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Bushfire Management Committees (BFMC)

Bushfire Management Committees allow stakeholders to coordinate bush fire management within a region, usually within one/multiple Local Government boundaries. This includes the preparation and development of the Plan of Operations and Bushfire Risk Management Plan for the local area.

Would you like to influence how fire is used in the environment by becoming involved in bush fire planning and management? Why not consider becoming an NCC Bushfire Management Committee representative for your region?

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Science and experience informing policy

Knowledge exchange and the dissemination of peer-reviewed science is a critical component of sound environmental management. We regularly run workshops, conferences, and forums to help people and organisations get together to discuss bushfire and conservation issues. The Bushfire Program also reviews policy and provides advice on ecologically sustainable fire management.

Preparing For Fire Workshop Program

Our Preparing For Fire interactive workshop series is designed for communities on the urban-bushland fringe where the risk of bushfire is high and the bushland is especially important for conservation. Learn more.

Upcoming Events

Fire and Restoration Network

The Fire and Restoration Network was developed to share project stories and support discussions about how fire is being used for ecological restoration. The site provides a place for practitioners and researchers to share experiences, challenges, questions and new ideas. We invite you to read our articles, view related resources and contribute to discussions on fire and weeds, fauna, Cultural burning, restoration principles, thresholds and more. You can learn more about the network here.

Visit the Fire and Restoration Network

Fact Sheets

The Bushfire Program produces fact sheets and other materials, ranging from information on general fire ecology through to how to better protect your property from bush fire.

Fact sheets

Policy and Submissions

The Bushfire Program advocates for sustainable land policy and has a voice in relevant NSW policy decisions. Below are some documents we have submitted recommendations to:

10/50 Vegetation clearing code of practice for New South Wales



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