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Bushfire committees

NCC has a legislated right to have a member sit on each of these types of state committees, plus we have our own advisory committee. 

Bushfire Co-ordinating Committee (BFCC)

The Bushfire Co-ordinating Committee reports to the Minister for Emergency Services, and oversees planning for fire prevention and co-ordinated bush firefighting. The BFCC also approves draft bushfire risk management plans developed by bushfire management committees. 

Rural Fire Service Advisory Council (RFSAC)

The Rural Fire Service Advisory Council advises and reports to the Minister and the NSW Rural Fire Service (RFS) Commissioner on subjects relating to the administration of the Rural Fire Service.

Bushfire Management Committees (BFMC)

Bushfire Management Committees allow stakeholders to coordinate bush fire management within a region, usually within one/multiple Local Government boundaries. This includes the preparation and development of the Plan of Operations and Bushfire Risk Management Plan for the local area.

Would you like to influence how fire is used in the environment by becoming involved in bush fire planning and management? Why not consider becoming an NCC Bushfire Management Committee representative for your region?

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Bush Fire Advisory Committee (BFAC)

The Bushfire Advisory Committee (BFAC) is an NCC committee that provides strategic and technical advice to the NCC Bushfire Program. 

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