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Hand out scorecards at polling places

Handing out election scorecards is a powerful way to help people vote for nature and hold candidates accountable for their environmental policies.

We have been non-partisan for over 65 years, and so we are trusted to provide independent analysis which cuts through spin and reveals what party policies mean for nature and climate.

We know over 10% of people walking into each polling place will decide who to vote for then and there, and so this scorecard will be incredibly important. 

We’ve printed the materials, we’ve prepared a roster, now all we need is your help to make this happen. 

This election is going to be close and each person we can reach could make a huge difference. 

Sign up here to hand out our hard-hitting scorecards at a polling place.

After you sign up, we will be in touch to slot you in for a time and location that suits you. We will provide all the support and materials you will need so that no experience is necessary

This is a great way to be involved whether it’s your first time handing out materials or whether you’ve got years of election experience.

You can see the scorecards we will be handing out here (with more to come):

If you can't find your electorate or a key electorate near you in the list, you can order a box of scorecards to be mailed to you here. Unfortunately we won't be able to manage rosters for every electorate in NSW but can provide you the materials to help you do so!

Will you volunteer?