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Let’s distribute scorecards for nature in NSW!

The NSW election is rapidly approaching. Our key opportunity to secure big commitments for nature and climate is upon us.

We need to get an urgent message to people in your electorate – and to do this, we need your help. 

Can you put your hand up for a free box of election scorecards to letterbox your local area?

Our scorecard holds candidates accountable for their environmental policies and gives people the information they need to vote for nature.

As a non-partisan environment group we have an important role to play by providing trusted information on nature, climate, and the election. 

This election is going to be close and each person we can reach with this hard-hitting scorecard could make a huge difference. 

Order your free box of scorecards here.


Note: you will be sent the NSW-wide scorecard (as seen above), unless you live in Lane CoveManlyNorth ShorePittwaterWakehurst, or Willoughby electorates where you will receive the scorecard made just for your electorate.