Deforestation is pushing wildlife to extinction

Let's end deforestation and give our forests and wildlife the protection they deserve. Will you act?

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Let's end deforestation to save our wildlife 

Nature in NSW is in crisis. New laws allow for devastating deforestation and clearing of important wildlife habitat. At least 1000 species of plants and animals are facing extinction, and the destruction of their habitats is the leading threat. As a result of these new laws, 99% of identified koala habitat on private land can be bulldozed.

This devastation is firmly within our power to stop.

This election we are calling on all parties to commit to develop strong laws to protect our forests, bushland and wildlife. These laws must allow nature to thrive, encourage landholders to protect and restore native habitat, and make deforestation and land clearing a thing of the past.

Policy scorecard

We have compared the publicly available policies of the major parties for the state election. Our independent assessment is below and will be updated as new announcements are made. Current as of March 19, 2019. A more detailed version of where the parties stand on deforestation is available here and on climate and clean energy is available here

14 hectares of koala habitat bulldozed every day

Research by the Nature Conservation Council and WWF-Australia has found koala habitat the size of 14 football fields has been bulldozed every day in just one part of the state since the government weakened the laws. The bulldozing of all wildlife habitat almost tripled in the north-central region around Moree and Collarenebri, up from 2,845 hectares to 8,194 hectares in just one year. Read more.

Take action to end the destruction

Click here to add your name to our important petition calling for the immediate protection of koalas and endangered habitat from bulldozing. Together we can make our voices heard and end deforestation.

Authorised by Kate Smolski, Nature Conservation Council, 14/338 Pitt St, Sydney.


Latest news


1 March 2019


Destruction of koala habitat now widespread in NSW

Destruction of koala habitat has nearly doubled across three regions of NSW since the axing of the state’s Native Vegetation Act in August 2017, a new report has shown.

Forests and wildlife

11 March 2019


Greens plan to set the state on the road to ecological recovery

The NSW Greens have laid out a comprehensive plan to reverse the declines in species and ecosystems that has accelerated over the past eight years.

Forests and wildlifeRivers and wetlands

4 February 2019


Premier should mandate 40% tree canopy for Sydney by 2030 (1)

Premier Berejiklian’s creation of a Minister for Public Spaces is tacit acknowledgement that these areas have been mismanaged for the past eight years as a result of policies pursued by the Coalition government.

Forests and wildlife


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