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AID/WATCH is an independent membership-based watchdog on aid, trade and debt, working with communities in the Global South. AID/WATCH challenges practices which undermine the ability of communities to determine their own futures, and promote development alternatives based on social and environmental justice. AID/WATCH researches and evaluates development policies and practices, and campaigns around these issues as part of the global justice movement.


Association for Berowra Creek Inc. 

The Association for Berowra Creek was established at a public meeting of concerned citizens in 1993 to prevent further environmental degradation of Berowra Creek, a tributary of the Hawkesbury River, and its catchment area.


Australia New Guinea Fishes Association (ANGFA) NSW Inc. 

The Australia New Guinea Fishes Association (ANGFA) brings together people with common interests to understand more about the freshwater fishes and aquatic habitats of Australia and New Guinea. ANGFA NSW meets in Riverwood, Sydney and organises a wide range of activities to promote the study, conservation and culture of our native freshwater fish species.


Australia New Guinea Fishes Association Inc. 

Active since the 1980s, the Australia New Guinea Fishes Association (ANGFA) brings together people with common interests to understand more about the freshwater fishes and aquatic habitats of Australia and New Guinea. ANGFA's main mission is to promote the study, conservation and culture of the native freshwater fish species of Australia and New Guinea, and to provide a forum for the exchange of information. ANGFA regularly organises field trips to visit and survey beautiful wilderness areas and get involved in the conservation of endangered aquatic species and their habitats.


Australian Association for Environmental Education NSW Chapter Inc (AAEE) 

The Australian Association for Environmental Education (AAEE) is the professional association for environmental educators. AAEE NSW represents environmental educators from all sectors (community, formal and government educators) in discussions, debates and provides recommendations on issues and directions for a sustainable future. For over 30 years, AAEE has worked with government and non-government organisations in the interests of quality education and environmental change. AAEE NSW works to assist environmental educators to get involved, improve their knowledge through professional development, assist local networks, share up-to-date news and resources and provides a forum for the NSW environmental education community to share their knowledge and expertise.


Australian Association of Bush Regenerators (NSW) Ltd (AABR) 

The Australian Association of Bush Regenerators (AABR) was established in 1986 out of concern for the continuing survival and integrity of our bushland and its dependent fauna. AABR promotes the study and practice of ecological restoration and fosters and encourages effective management of natural areas by qualified people, based on sound ecological principles. Whether you want to contact a bush regeneration service provider, volunteer for a bush regeneration group, or network with like minded people, AABR will point you to the right direction.


Australian Conservation Foundation - Central Coast & Hunter Branch 

The Australian Conservation Foundation Central Coast & Hunter Branch actively promotes environmental sustainability and campaigns to protect, restore and sustain local natural ecosystems, concentrating on the environmental impacts of urban planning, tourist development and escalation of population growth.


Australian Conservation Foundation - Shoalhaven Branch 

The Australian Conservation Foundation is committed to inspiring people to achieve a healthy environment for all Australians. For over 40 years they have been a strong voice for the environment, promoting solutions through research, consultation, education and partnerships and working with the community, business and government to protect, restore and sustain our environment.


Australian Network for Plant Conservation 

The national network that links people, research and action in plant conservation.


Australian Plants Society NSW Ltd 

The Australian Plants Society fosters and promotes appreciation, study and participation in growing and propagating Australian native plants.


Australian Raptor Care and Conservation Inc. 

Australian Raptor Care and Conservation Incorporated is a non-government, not-for-profit, totally volunteer community-based organisation based in the Southern Highlands NSW Australia. It is formed by a group of individuals with relevant experience and an overriding passion to have a positive impact on raptor rehabilitation techniques utilised in Australia. The ultimate aim is to share knowledge of best husbandry practice and maximise survival rates post release.


Australian Wildlife Society 

The Australian Wildlife Society was formed in 1909 with a commitment to preserve and protect our unique Australian wildlife in all its forms. Known as the Wildlife Preservation Society of Australia prior to 2013, it is one of the oldest conservation societies in Australia and probably one of the oldest in the world.


Authentic Connection Social Group 

The Authentic Connection Social Group is a non-profit eco-group committed to the empowerment of a healthy relationship and sustainable connection with our natural world. Authentic Connection empowers its members to live a sustainable life that naturally embraces the wellbeing of the individual, the family, the community and our natural world with the least impact on resources and the environment; explores the link between spirituality (inner connection) and the environment (outer connection); and supports others who work towards sustainability and a healthier environment.


Bankstown Bushland Society Inc. 

Bankstown Bushland Society has been a strong advocate for remnant bushland preservation since 1988. With a small core group of participants, it programs volunteer bush regeneration days twice monthly. Many of these volunteer activities are in support of grants from the NSW Environmental Trust and the Australian Government Envirofund.


Bathurst Community Climate Action Network Inc. 

Bathurst Community Climate Action Network is a network of organisations and individuals that will work together to promote action on climate change and sustainable and equitable development.


BeardsOn for Conservation Inc. 

Established in 2014, BeardsOn for Conservation is an Australian-based NFP environmental organisation whose goal is to encourage men to grow beards and start a conversation about conservation. The annual BeardsOn Challenge takes place during Winter - June 1st to August 31st. Get behind this great cause and grow a beard for 90 days – there's never been a better time or excuse to get growing!


Bellingen Environment Centre 

Bellingen Environment Centre is located in the heart of Bellingen town, and it is very much the focus for the environmentally and socially active community groups operating in the local shire. As well as being the home for many of the activities of the various community groups, BEC has also been responsible for a great many environmental success stories in the area.


Better Planning Network (BPN) 

The Better Planning Network is a volunteer-based organisation formed at the end of August 2012 by community groups in response to widespread public concern about the NSW Government’s planning reforms. The aim of the Better Planning Network is to achieve a fairer and more responsible planning system for NSW. Community wellbeing and ecologically sustainable development principles must be at the heart of the new planning system - one that protects our environment, natural and cultural heritage, and minimises the risk of corruption.


Blacktown & District Environment Group Inc. 

Blacktown and District Environment Group is an independent community group born out of a shared sense of concern for the fate of bushland remnants in Western Sydney.


Blue Mountains Conservation Society Inc. 

The Blue Mountains Conservation Society (BMCS) helps conserve the natural wonders of the World Heritage Blue Mountains region. BMCS began as the Katoomba and District Wildlife Conservation Society in 1961, when a group of concerned residents met to determine how they could better protect the Blue Mountains environment, and now boasts almost 1,000 members.


Bomaderry Creek Landcare Group Inc. 

Bomaderry Creek Bushland near Nowra south of Wollongong covers 250 hectares of sandstone plateau through which the meandering course of Bomaderry Creek has created a ruggedly scenic environment. Like all urban bushland, it has been abused and carries the scars of past neglect. Nevertheless it has survived and remains as an important community resource. The fight for Bomaderry Creek commenced in the 1980s when Bomaderry Zieria was rediscovered after it was thought to have been extinct. Council plans for a road through the middle of the Zieria’s habitat and housing throughout the bushland led to a vigorous 25-year community campaign. The Bomaderry Creek Landcare Group formed in 1994. In 2002 a third of the bushland was dedicated as the Bomaderry Creek Regional Park. Community interest in the bushland has grown. Today it is a very popular location and an important educational resource for local schools.


Bushwalking NSW Inc. 

Bushwalking NSW is the peak body for bushwalkers in NSW and the ACT, representing people who are passionate about outdoor recreation, bush conservation, and promoting public engagement with nature. Bushwalking NSW is a not-for-profit, and represents over 12,000 bushwalkers from 68 bushwalking clubs throughout the state, and provides a united voice to local, state and federal government agencies and other bodies on issues affecting bushwalkers. Our Vision: To build healthy, active communities inspired by nature. Our Mission: Support safe, active and inclusive bushwalking and related outdoor activities in wisely managed natural areas.


Byles Creek Valley Union Inc. 

Byles Creek Valley Union Inc. is a not-for-profit group dedicated to protecting and improving the Byles Creek Valley. They aim to educate, promote and engage with the community in the field of environmental conservation. They undertake activities that the association regards as necessary to protect the Byles Creek Valley and the Australian environment as a whole.


Caldera Environment Centre Inc. 

The Caldera Environment Centre (CEC) exists to help develop and promote community solutions to our common environmental problems. It has operated in Murwillumbah and the North Coast coastal region of NSW since 1989.


Carrington Community Council 

Carrington has more parklands than any other Newcastle suburb. Members support local activities such as Clean-Up Australia day and work with other local groups to conserve and promote Carrington's mangrove wetland which houses a large population of Black and Grey-headed Flying Foxes.


Castlecrag Conservation Society Inc. 

The Castlecrag Conservation Society aims to preserve the biodiversity and natural heritage of Castlecrag through conservation and proper management of natural bushland, wetlands and aquatic ecosystems for their intrinsic value to present and future generations, and to protect and promote the non-living resources of Castlecrag such as historic sites, geological features and features of landscape significance.


Cattai Hills Environment Network 

Cattai Hills Environment Network was established to increase conservation efforts in the Cattai and Little Cattai Creek catchments across both public and private land. Their focus is on developing a strong community, educating people about the environmental threats to the area, researching local impacts and advocating for the area at all levels of government.


Central West Environment Council Inc. 

Central West Environment Council (CWEC) is an umbrella organisation for environment groups, field naturalist societies and individuals with an interest in conserving the natural environment in the central west region of NSW.


Centre for the Advancement of the Steady State Economy NSW 

The purpose of CASSE NSW is to advance the Steady State Economy, with stabilized population and consumption, as a policy goal and a concomitant aim of greater well-being and social equity with widespread public support. CASSE pursues this mission by educating citizens, organizations, and policy makers on the conflict between economic growth and environmental protection, ecological and economic sustainability, and national security and international stability; as well as promoting the steady state economy as a desirable alternative to economic growth.



Chipbusters was formed to fight proposals to expand the Australian woodchip industry by burning forests for electricity.


Clarence Environment Centre Inc. 

The Clarence Environment Centre (CEC) was formed in 1989 in response to pressures by the Japanese owned Daishowa multi-national woodchipping company to establish a Pulp and Paper Mill on the Clarence River in northern NSW. The ensuing campaign to stop the mill was successful and the proposal was officially shelved by the NSW government early in 1990. Over the years CEC has campaigned on a wide range of environmental issues which affect the valley.


Climate Action Monaro 

Climate Action Monaro is active in South-East NSW: it aims to inform and educate the Monaro community and decision-makers about the science and threats of climate change.


Climate Action Newcastle Inc. 

The members of Climate Action Newcastle (CAN) are committed local residents from all backgrounds working together to educate and empower the community to take action on climate change. CAN develops and promotes climate change solutions to households, government and industry.


Climate Action Now Wingecarribee (CANWin) 

Based in the Illawarra and the South Coast , with a 'shopfront' at Bowral, Climate Action Now Wingecarribee (CANWin) works to minimise climate change and prepare for the effects of peak oil. They do this by providing information for members and the public on scientific and technical matters that affect the sustainability of life in the Highlands. CANWin runs regular public events, such as speaker nights, film nights and workshops. One of their most exciting ventures is Transition Shire Wingecarribee, part of the world-wide Transition Network. TSW works to bring climate change and peak oil to the attention of locals, and to function as a catalyst for community groups to work towards a more locally-based, resilient and sustainable society.


Climate Change Australia - Hastings Branch 

Climate Change Australia is a community climate action group, with branches at Grafton, Port Macquarie and Taree in north-eastern NSW. The aims of Climate Change Australia are to: raise awareness about climate change issues and impacts; encourage everyone to conserve energy and water; promote the increased use of renewable energy; and encourage all levels of government to take urgent action on climate change.


Climate Change Balmain-Rozelle 

Climate Change Balmain-Rozelle is a collective of local residents with a shared vision to reduce greenhouse gas emissions locally and nationally by encouraging residents, businesses and schools to switch to green energy.


Coastwatchers Association Inc, The 

The Coastwatchers Association works for: the creation of environmentally friendly jobs, for which there is plenty of scope; maintaining our clean healthy catchments and coasts; recognition that people are part of the environment, and not separate from it; planned development with as little environmental destruction as possible; ecologically sustainable management of our forests; empowering our community to live and work together sustainably; planning to avoid the piecemeal detrimental impacts of development which so often occurs; ensuring the community's hard won environmental gains are not lost; and fair international trade, because the present WTO rules are a threat to the environment and a just society.


Colong Foundation for Wilderness Ltd, The 

The Colong Foundation is Australia’s longest-serving community advocate for wilderness and successor to Myles Dunphy’s National Parks and Primitive Areas Council. whose vision of a comprehensive system of national parks with protected wilderness areas remains the cornerstone of the Colong Foundation's work. New South Wales has 2,087,240 hectares of wilderness, however many beautiful and highly significant areas are not protected. The Foundation monitors all NSW wilderness, identifying threats and formulating site specific remedies and supports wilderness conservation nationally and internationally.


Community Energy for Goulburn 

Community Energy 4 Goulburn was originally set up by The Goulburn Group (TGG) to identify opportunities for regional community energy projects and partnerships. CE4G is located in the Southern Tablelands of NSW where there is an abundance of wind and solar resources and a community appetite for action on climate change. CE4G's first project, completed in April 2016, was to conduct a feasibility study into a 1.2 MW community solar farm in the city.


Community Environment Network Inc. 

Formed in 1997 on the Central Coast and Hunter of NSW to support individuals and groups in the Lake Macquarie, Wyong and Gosford areas who are working for the environment, the Community Environment Network (CEN) is an independent group working for Ecologically Sustainable Development and against threats to it. CEN aims to: increase the effectiveness of community groups in the region; be a regional voice for the environment and sustainability; provide a forum for public discussion and education; increase public awareness and understanding; promote community monitoring of the environment, and facilitate the empowerment of individuals. CEN is located in The Manor, an original 1960s farm house on the Ourimbah Campus of the University of Newcastle. The building has been recycled and upgraded to improve its eco-sustainability.


Community Power Agency Co-operative Ltd 

The Community Power Agency’s mission is to help grow a vibrant community renewable energy sector in Australia, through building the capacity of communities on the ground and working collaboratively with other organisations to address systemic barriers facing the sector as a whole.


Cumberland Bird Observers Club Inc. 

The Cumberland Bird Observers' Club conducts at least 40 birdwatching trips every year all over the greater Sydney region. If you have never been birdwatching before then one of their outings is the perfect way to start. The club has 560 like-minded people who will be happy to see you.


Curl Curl Lagoon Friends Inc. 

Once Curl Curl Lagoon was a pristine waterway with a sandy bottom, large fish and a healthy natural environment. It would flush to the ocean from time to time but never completely empty. That was only about 50 years ago. In a few short decades of urban development, we humans managed to poison the water, destroy the surrounding vegetation and habitats and silt up the stream. The final insult came in the late 1970s with proposals ranging from filling in the whole creek and running it through pipes, to piping in sea water to flush the lagoon sludge out onto the beach. So was born the Curl Curl Lagoon Committee, renamed Curl Curl Lagoon Friends in 1998. Protecting native flora and fauna by providing or preserving natural habitats has always been a major part of our work. Our biggest project is ongoing: the Curl Curl Lagoon rehabilitation project.


David G. Stead Memorial Wild Life Research Foundation of Australia 

Wirrimbirra Sanctuary is a 95 hectare property owned by the National Trust of Australia (NSW), established and managed as a flora and fauna sanctuary. It was created in the 1960s by Thistle Harris, in memory of her husband David Stead, to preserve the original 'Bargo Brush' and Australia's flora and fauna, and promote the use and propagation of Australian native plants.


Dubbo Field Naturalist & Conservation Society Inc. 

Dubbo Field Naturalist and Conservation Society has been a voice for environmental responsibility and conservation ethics in the Dubbo region since 1977. It aims to: foster interest, knowledge and enjoyment in natural history, particularly in the Dubbo region; speak out on environmental and conservation issues, particularly those affecting our area; and achieve these aims by meetings with lectures, discussions and field trips.


Earth Learning Inc. 

Earth Learning is passionate about the biosphere and raising social awareness of environmental and sustainability issues, especially in the magnificent Tweed-Border Ranges Bioregion (acknowledged as the third most biodiverse region in Australia), containing World Heritage listed Rainforests of some significance. Earth Learning is involved in ecological restoration, environmental education and research, building the capacity of communities in the Tweed-Border Ranges Bioregion to live a more sustainable future.


ECCO Orange 

ECCO Orange (the Environmentally Concerned Citizens of Orange) began in 2006 in response to widespread community concerns at a time when the city of Orange was experiencing significant residential expansion and commercial development. ECCO has subsequently embarked on a broad program of education, awareness and activism in the Orange community on a range of issues affecting communities at regional, state and national levels.


EcoNetwork-Port Stephens Inc. 

Founded in 1993, EcoNetwork is a Port Stephens based conservation, sustainability and natural heritage network with a vision for an eco-oriented culture for sustainable communities and the transfer of intact eco-systems to future generations. EcoNetwork-Port Stephens is committed to the conservation of terrestrial and marine environments and to opposing excessive growth and development.


EcoTransit Sydney Inc. 

EcoTransit Sydney is a public transport advocacy group which advocates improving the environment by shifting transport from invasive modes like the private motor car to less polluting public transport modes. EcoTransit supports a sustainable economy and environment. The fewer the resources used by the transport sector, the more efficient our economy and the less damage done to the environment, the community and our cities. Public transport, walking and cycling fit EcoTransit criteria. Urban freeways which entrench prolific car use do not.


Energy Forever 

Energy Forever aims to develop projects, which benefit the social, environmental and financial sustainability of the Port Macquarie Hastings region. They also assist other communities with similar objectives and promote renewable energy and sustainability across the region.



Envite is a not-for profit organisation delivering ecological restoration services in NSW since 1993. Envite's longevity and depth of Natural Resource Management knowledge and skills have seen them successfully complete over 1,000 projects. Envite's vision is for a healthy natural environment with socially inclusive economies and communities.


Forestmedia Inc. 

Forestmedia is a non-profit organisation which will work with individuals, groups and organisations to raise public awareness of the importance of native forests, and to publicise the problems associated with their destruction through current forestry practices. Forestmedia aims to encourage and facilitate forms of communication that will engage the general public, through the broadcast and electronic media, through film and video, and radio. Forestmedia seeks to communicate the need to end woodchipping of Australian native forests and the importance of preserving them for current and future generations.


Friends of Berowra Valley Inc. 

Friends of Berowra Valley is a group of volunteer members of the community interested in making the Berowra Valley National Park more accessible to the community. The diverse academic, business and personal skills of members allows the group undertake projects as community services that otherwise may not be done within the management structure. The Friends group was officially established at an ordinary meeting of Hornsby Shire Council in 1993. The group operated for many years as a Special Committee of Hornsby Shire Council and enjoyed considerable support from Council during those years.


Friends of Ku-ring-gai Environment Inc. 

Friends of Ku-ring-gai Environment (FOKE) is a community group with membership drawn from across Ku-ring-gai, opposing inappropriate and unsympathetic over-development within Ku-ring-gai, and defending and promoting the cultural and natural heritage of Ku-ring-gai. FOKE works on behalf of residents and friends for the maintenance of Ku-ring-gai’s heritage and the enhancement of the existing traditional character and amenity of its environment, both built and natural.


Friends of Lane Cove National Park Inc. 

The Friends of Lane Cove National Park is a community support group for Lane Cove National Park in suburban Sydney. In conjunction with the National Parks and Wildlife Service, the Friends aim to: promote awareness of the significance of the Park's unique natural and cultural heritage; work for the protection and restoration of the ecosystems of Lane Cove National Park through bush regeneration; and organise educational activities in the Park.


Friends of Malabar Headland 

Friends of Malabar Headland was formed in 2000 to protect the natural and cultural heritage of Malabar Headland. The group includes people with a wide range of skills including bush regenerators, legal experts, map makers, botanists, and bird watchers, all who share a love for the bush. The Friends are committed to working with the community to ensure that the Headland is retained in its natural state for future generations to enjoy.


Friends of Quarantine Station Inc. 

Friends of Quarantine Station are dedicated to preserving the historic Quarantine Station which is now part of Sydney Harbour National Park at North Head, near Manly.


Friends of the Koala Inc. 

Friends of the Koala is the peak koala conservation organisation in the Northern Rivers area of NSW. Established in 1986, it is voluntary and community based and aspires to make a key contribution to Australia’s biodiversity by ensuring the conservation of the iconic koala and the preservation and extension of koala habitat particularly in the Northern Rivers. Core business encompasses habitat protection and regeneration, licensed koala rescue, rehabilitation and release, community education, advocacy and research assistance.


Friends of the Mongarlowe River Inc. 

The Friends of the Mongarlowe River started by protesting against the mining of old gold tailings near the Mongarlowe River. They actively monitor native fish populations and streambanks and have broadened their activities to include protection of the Monga Forest to ensure the river's environmental health.


Friends of the Pilliga 

Friends of the Pilliga campaign for sustainable environmental and heritage outcomes for the extensive and poorly protected Pilliga woodland forests in north-west NSW. They are opposed to ever-encroaching coal and coal seam gas exploration and development in the area.


Friends of Tumblebee Inc. 

Friends of Tumblebee are a group of residents who have been lobbying the NSW Government to find an alternative site for the massive Tomalpin Industrial Estate, known also as the Hunter Economic Zone (HEZ).


Frog & Tadpole Study Group 

Frog and Tadpole Study Group members have a genuine interest in frogs and tadpoles and span a wide range of interests from naturalists, herpetologists, pet keepers and scientists to individuals with a desire to learn more about frogs and our environment. The group's mission is to increase appreciation and awareness of the natural world.


FROGS Landcare Inc. 

The Friends and Residents of Goulburn Swamps Landcare (FROGS) are local volunteers who manage the Goulburn Wetlands, an area of some 2.2 hectares. FROGS aims to improve the aesthetic design, biodiversity, water quality and stability of the site, through systematic replacement of weed species with endemic native plants, creating habitat for native animals.


Gerroa Environmental Protection Society Inc. 

Active since the early 1990s, the Gerroa Environmental Protection Society has sought to protect the environment of the Municipality of Kiama and to endeavour to foster community awareness of the need to conserve and manage the local environment.


Gloucester Environment Group 

Gloucester Environment Group operates in the Hunter region of NSW. Their main objective is to encourage peaceful and beneficial environmental changes for the whole community. They are involved in Rivercare on the Gloucester River and have an established Bushwalking program and a range of other community activities. They are increasingly concerned with mining issues in their region.


Goulburn Field Naturalist Society 

The Goulburn Field Naturalist Society's activities range from appreciation of the environment to field trips and information workshops to actively supporting larger conservation groups and conservation projects across NSW.


Great Eastern Ranges Ltd. 

The Great Eastern Ranges initiative is centred on the Great Dividing Range and the Great Escarpment which run along the eastern edge of Australia, from the Grampians in Western Victoria to Far North Queensland, separating the coast from the dry interior. The initiative supports the collaboration of communities, governments and researchers to protect, link and restore healthy habitats over the length of the Ranges, a landscape that provides by far the most important refuge for threatened native species, the most important source of fresh water, and the most carbon-rich forests on the continent.


Great Lifestyle of Wickham 

Formed in 1994, GLOW has 17 years of networking, engaging and participating in the day to day community and amenity of inner city Newcastle and harbour. GLOW contributes to sustainable community and amenity, linking with the Throsby Villages Alliance to support the suburbs of Islington, Tighes Hill, Carrington, Maryville and Wickham.


Green Shareholders 

For many years, Green Shareholders have been active at the local AGMs of various Australian and international-based companies to attempt to increase shareholder and company awareness of corporate responsibility towards the environment.


Groundswell Gloucester Inc. 

Groundswell Gloucester believes in a future where the beautiful natural environment of the Gloucester Valley sustains a healthy, productive and vibrant community. The Gloucester community is currently contesting plans for the industrialisation of their valley. Plans which will see an expansion of open-cut coal mining right up to the edge of the townships of Gloucester and Stratford as well as plans to drill up to 330 coal seam gas wells across the valley floor. These projects risk destroying the land and water food producers rely on as well the area’s beautiful natural environment and the livelihood of locals employed in the tourism industry.


Hawkesbury Environment Network 

HEN's mission is to conserve and restore the natural environment of the Hawkesbury region. To bring together people and organisations to increase awareness of and act for sustainability and the environment. HEN members and volunteers are active in range of areas, including: lobbying and writing submissions to governments; environmental education for sustainability; campaigns; committee representation; bush regeneration; landcare; organic farming; fauna and flora studies and research; water testing; and bushwalking.


Hornsby Conservation Society Inc. 

Hornsby Conservation Society has fought for the environment and national parks in the Hornsby Shire and further afield for many years. Recent successes include the gazettal of Berowra Valley National Park.


Hunter Community Environment Centre 

Hunter Community Environment Centre (HCEC) encourages and facilitates environmental advocacy and education in Newcastle and the Hunter region of NSW.


Hunter Environment Lobby Inc. 

The Hunter Environment Lobby is an independent, non-political organisation promoting the protection and enhancement on the Hunter Valley environment. It continues to monitor, educate, campaign and lobby on coal mining and coal seam gas activities in the Valley particularly in relation to health, water and environmental impacts.


Inner West Community Energy Inc. 

Inner West Community Energy Inc. is an independent community group keen to promote energy efficiency as well as renewable and solar energy in Sydney’s Inner West, whose goal is to facilitate investment in local community solar projects and to support national community action on solar energy. They provide practical advice, plans and solutions to individuals, businesses and community organisations who would like to install solar systems.


Invasive Species Council Inc. 

The Invasive Species Council is a national not-for-profit charitable organisation. It was formed in 2002 to campaign for stronger laws, policies and programs to keep Australian biodiversity safe from new weeds, feral animals and other invaders.


Ironstone Community Action Group Inc. 

The Ironstone Community Action Group (ICAG) is an action group and support network for individuals and property owners that speaks out about unsatisfactory mining approvals in the Gloucester-Stroud Valley region of the NSW north coast and further afield. It was formed in 2007 to defend against proposed magnetite mining in the Limeburners Creek, Allworth and Booral areas.


Jervis Bay Regional Alliance Inc. 

The Jervis Bay Regional Alliance is a broad coalition of conservation and community groups formed to protect and enhance the environment and the social and cultural heritage of the region.


Kogarah Bay Progress Association 

The Kogarah Bay Progress Association works to protect and enhance the natural and built environment of Kogarah Bay in Sydney, situated on the northern side of the Georges River before it empties into Botany Bay.


Kosciuszko to Coast Inc. 

Kosciuszko to Coast (K2C) is a partnership of thirteen organisations and numerous businesses, landowners and individuals working with landholders in South East NSW to conserve and recover our grasslands, woodlands, riparian and wetland areas, small bush birds, arboreal mammals, treasured forest communities and species. K2C focuses on these key targets to promote connectivity conservation and is a regional partner in the much broader Great Eastern Ranges initiative.


Ku-ring-gai Bat Conservation Society Inc. 

A not-for-profit community organisation working for the conservation of all bat species, especially the Grey-headed Flying-fox. KBCS began in 1985 to protect the flying-fox maternity camp at Gordon on Sydney’s north shore where a proposed housing development threatened loss of habitat. The land was purchased jointly by the NSW Government and Ku-ring-gai Municipal Council. Since that time the group's focus has been to: protect and restore habitat in Ku-ring-gai Flying-fox Reserve, jointly with Ku-ring-gai Council; raise funds for research and habitat restoration; and raise awareness of the importance of flying-foxes through education.


Lake Wollumboola Protection Association Inc 

Lake Wollumboola is a 648 ha coastal lake in the Shoalhaven region Iocated south of Culburra Beach and north of Jervis Bay. In the time that Lake Wollumboola Protection Association has been active, their efforts have developed into a substantial, influential and effective campaign to protect the lake.


Lane Cove Bushland and Conservation Society Inc. 

The aims of the Lane Cove Bushland Conservation Society are to: preserve the biodiversity of the natural heritage of Lane Cove Municipality by means of conservation and the proper management of natural bushland, wetlands and aquatic ecosystems; and ensure that air, land and water pollution controls in the Lane Cove Local Government Area are of a high standard and adequately implemented to prevent harm to human health and the natural environment.


Linnean Society of NSW Inc. 

The Society exists to promote 'the Cultivation and Study of the Science of Natural History in all its Branches'. Founded in 1874, it is one of Australia's oldest and leading scientific societies.


Lithgow Environment Group 

Lithgow Environment Group seeks to preserve the balance of nature in their region on the western edge of the Blue Mountains. This is especially important given the impacts of the area's industrial heritage. The Lithgow region contains some of the most biodiverse bushland and rich natural heritage in the Greater Blue Mountains.


Low Carbon Living Southern Highlands Inc. 

Low Carbon Living Southern Highlands offers participation and accreditation for businesses who want to reduce their carbon footprints.


Manning Clean Water Action Group Inc. 

The Manning Clean Water Action Group aims to prevent the inappropriate mining of fossil fuels and minerals that may have a negative impact in Australia, with a specific focus on the Manning River Valley on the NSW mid-north coast - in order to protect biodiversity, productive farmland, cultural heritage and our shared water resources, and to engage, educate and empower the community while doing so.


Marine Parks Association Inc. 

The Marine Parks Association was established in Port Stephens in 2014 by a group of concerned marine scientists and citizens to provide a community-based platform for the support of marine parks and sustainable marine resource management through research, education and advocacy across all sectors of the community. The MPA is affiliated with EcoNetwork Port Stephens.


Meadowbank West Ryde Progress Association 

The Meadowbank West Ryde Progress Association (MWRPA) promotes the interests of residents of the Meadowbank and West Ryde communities within the City of Ryde. The Association provides a forum for discussion and makes submissions on issues. The types of issues include town planning and development, roads and traffic, public amenity of the built and open spaces, promotion of cultural activities, business opportunities and jobs, and the adequacy of educational facilities such as schools. MWRPA envisages a physical and social environment which is sustainable, safe and pleasant. The interests of residents, businesses, and other organisations will coalesce to form a cohesive and vibrant community promoting communication and wellbeing.


Mosman Parks & Bushland Association Inc 

The Mosman Parks and Bushland Association Inc, originally The Ashton Park Association, was formed in 1964 by a group of residents who objected to the bulldozing of bushland in Ashton Park, now part of Sydney Harbour National Park. The Association has since played a major role in preserving Mosman’s individual character and landscape. The fight for bushland was also fought literally ‘at the grassroots’: members actively supported Eileen and Joan Bradley in developing bush regeneration here in the 1960s-70s. The Association published Joan Bradley’s seminal Bush Regeneration in 1971. Members continue to work in this area as volunteers. In the 1960s the Association with other groups such as the National Parks Association developed the concept of bushland management, a novel idea then, and lobbied with the NPA for a system of national parks in NSW.


Mountain Districts Association 

The Mountain Districts Association works for the common good of the Mountain Districts (inland from the NSW Central Coast), its environment and community and is committed to protecting its unique natural environment and wildlife, farming lands, mineral resources and water. It has also been working to have the Mangrove Mountain landfill, which threatens the Central Coast's water supply, closed and remediated.


Mudgee District Environment Group Inc. 

Mudgee District Environment Group (MDEG) has for many years been battling new and existing coal mines in the south-west Hunter region and were recently successful in helping prevent the Cobbora Coal mine from going ahead. They have also been lobbying to have the Drip and Corner Gorge added to the Goulburn River National Park.


Murrumbidgee Field Naturalists Inc. 

Murrumbidgee Field Naturalists share a belief that the biodiversity of the mid-Murrumbidgee Valley is worth knowing about and preserving. They hold regular field trips to places of interest and manage specific preservation and conservation projects.


Nambucca Valley Conservation Association Inc. 

Formed in 1981, the Nambucca Valley Conservation Association seeks to raise awareness, promote and respect the natural environment and its biodiversity and to promote environmental health and protection at a local, regional, state and national level and to encourage community participation in their aims.


National Parks Association of NSW Inc. 

The National Parks Association of NSW (NPA) is a non-government member based conservation group that seeks to protect, connect and restore the integrity and diversity of natural systems in NSW and beyond, through national parks, marine sanctuaries and other means. Formed in 1957 NPA also co-ordinates a wide range of bushwalking activities across NSW for its members and friends.


Native Bird Liberation Alliance 

The Native Bird Liberation Alliance (NBLA) was set up in the late 1990s as a lobby group focusing on and campaigning against the industry of hunting, trapping, transporting and caging Australia's beautiful native birds for pets and for export. NBLA is opposed to the exploitation and commercialisation of native fauna, particularly bird species known to be endangered in NSW.


Nature Coast Marine Group 

Nature Coast Marine Group is a community organisation that actively promotes the protection, enjoyment and understanding of coastal, estuarine and marine environments in the Eurobodalla region on the far south coast of NSW.


Nimbin Environment Centre 

An active and thriving local eco-hub in the NSW north coast hinterland, the Nimbin Environment Centre's history is rooted in the successful battles in the 1970s and 1980s which saved the Terania Creek and Nightcap forests from logging, both of which are now part of Australia's World Heritage-listed Gondwana Rainforests.


No Badgerys Creek Airport Inc. 

The No Badgerys Creek Airport group is determined that a second Sydney airport NOT be built at Badgerys Creek in Western Sydney as it will damage human health, local communities and the surrounding environment, including the Greater Blue Mountains World Heritage Area.


North Coast Environment Council Inc. 

Formed in 1976 and comprised of over 40 member groups, the North Coast Environment Council (NCEC) is the peak regional environment group for northern NSW covering the area from the Hunter to the Tweed and west to the New England Highway. NCEC relies on the substantial efforts of its members and volunteers to remain effective, conducting research to support its campaigns and producing useful community resources such as the Activists Handbook.


North Head Sanctuary Foundation Inc. 

The North Head Sanctuary Foundation is working towards the establishment of Car-rang-gel Sanctuary on North Head at the gateway of Sydney Harbour, a flagship for Australia's environmental resolve and a celebration of our natural and cultural heritage.


Northern Inland Council for the Environment (NICE) 

The Northern Inland Council for the Environment's objectives are to: take action to promote and protect the environment; promote renewable energy and ecologically sustainable development; and advocate for equal rights, equal opportunity, social justice and anti-discrimination. NICE is currently campaigning to stop destructive mining activities in the Pilliga and Leard State Forests in the state's north-west.


Northern Rivers Guardians Inc. 

Northern Rivers Guardians promote sustainability in the Tweed Valley and the broader Northern Rivers region of NSW, while supporting economic growth which complements the local area and is sensitive to environmental needs and community priorities. Major components of their campaign for appropriate land use are to stop coal seam gas mining from coming to the Northern Rivers and promoting and lobbying for effective and sustainable water supplies.


NoW Public Transport 

Sydney’s public transport demand exceeds supply and is rising while private car travel is falling. NoW Public Transport aims to attract commuters from the M4 and M5 corridors to address congestion on existing motorways. For much less than the $15 billion cost of the proposed Westconnex tollway, NSW could: ensure the rail network remains integrated and more freight is moved by rail; build a second harbour rail crossing to double entire system capacity; extend light rail from Dulwich Hill to the Airport, Prince of Wales Hospital and UNSW to link with the planned Eastern Suburbs light rail; build Parramatta light rail network; and much more.


NSW Teachers Federation 

The NSW Teachers Federation is the registered trade union which covers NSW public school teachers, representing all teachers in NSW public education. Federation policy adopted at their 2011 Annual Conference calls for continued support for the ACTU and AEU environment policies and activities, including lobbying for a sustainable low carbon economy which includes a price on polluters and pollution.


NSW Wildlife Council Inc. 

The NSW Wildlife Council is the State’s peak body representing over 4,000 wildlife rescuers throughout NSW. Their goal is to improve outcomes for Australian wildlife, especially the sick, injured and orphaned.



Under license from the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service, WIRES and its army of volunteers, actively rescue, rehabilitate and return back to the wild injured and orphaned native animals. WIRES also offers an educational service to the community through talks to schools, community groups, and wildlife forums.


Oatley Flora & Fauna Conservation Society Inc. 

The primary aims of the Society are to stimulate interest in Australian flora and fauna; foster an understanding of the need to conserve natural environment and cooperate with other organisations in protecting the environment.


Orange Field Naturalist & Conservation Society 

Established in the 1980s, the Orange Field Naturalist and Conservation Society's aims are to: hold public meetings to educate members and supporters about nature conservation; organise field trips and working-bees aimed at studying and conserving Australia’s natural environment; monitor human impacts on the natural environment and to advise public and private institutions of the environmental impacts of such activities; and hold joint activities with other groups sharing similar objectives, and more.


Our Land Our Water Our Future 

Our Land Our Water Our Future is a dedicated collective of individuals and businesses from all walks of life, that share a common view and understanding: to Protect Our Air, Our Water, Our Land & Our Future; to educate and work together towards constructive solutions for a better world; and create an ecologically sustainable, resilient and socially just society, through empowering and unifying individuals, groups and organisations.


PACTEC Inc. (Pikapene & Cherry Tree Environment Centre) 

PACTEC or the Pickapene and Cherry Tree Environment Centre operates in northern NSW in the Kyogle area on landcare and weed control issues. It also lobbies against the encroachment of Coal Seam Gas mining and exploration.


Parks & Playgrounds Movement Inc. 

The Newcastle-based Parks Playgrounds Movement has for over 50 years been prominent in the continuing fight for the Hunter Region's Natural and Cultural Heritage.


Parramatta Climate Action Network (ParraCAN) 

ParraCAN's mission is to gather together community effort on climate action and to support our political and business leadership in taking corrective action to lessen the impacts of climate change.


PLACE: Planning, Living, Amenity, Community, Environment 

Previously known as the Community Action Alliance, PLACE addresses the need for ecologically sustainable planning across NSW.


Protecting Your Suburban Environment Inc. 

    A group of Sydney-based lobbyists which has been working with the Environmental Defender's Office and Sydney Metropolitan Wildlife Services to counter the threats to local bushland and trees that the poorly conceived Rural Fires Amendment (Vegetation Clearing) Bill 2014 engendered, and to improve suburban Tree Preservation Orders.


Razorback Environment Protection Society Inc. 

Razorback Environment Protection Society is an active community-based organisation incorporating the Razorback Landcare Group which aims to preserve and enhance the rural and natural features of the Razorback Range in the Macarthur area between Camden and Picton. The group undertakes revegetation and weed eradication on private properties as well as a yearly roadside cleanup on Cleanup Australia Day. It also maintains a watching brief and liaises with Wollondilly Shire Council on developments in the area.


Repower Coffs Community Association Inc. 

Repower Coffs Community Association aspires to develop community energy projects to benefit the Coffs Harbour region on the NSW north coast; advance the transition to clean energy through renewable energy, energy efficiency projects and awareness and facilitate positive practical action on climate change.


Residents Against Western Sydney Airport 

Residents Against Western Sydney Airport (RAWSA) are working to highlight the negative impacts of the proposed Western Sydney Airport on the environment. They engage with different levels of Government and work to raise awareness about the impacts of the project locally.


Robertson Environment Protection Society Inc. 

Robertson Environment Protection Society (or REPS) aims to promote, protect and enhance of the environment of Robertson and surrounds on the edge of the Illawarra escarpment south of Sydney. Activities and interests include landcare, bushland protection, local biodiversity, catchment management and protection and much more.


Royal Zoological Society of New South Wales 

The Royal Zoological Society of New South Wales aims to promote the study and conservation of Australia's unique native fauna by holding events and publishing a fully refereed scientific journal, Australian Zoologist, which specialises in topics relevant to Australian zoology.


Ryde Community Alliance 

Ryde Community Alliance represents the views of a number of local groups and concerned residents. They are developing an alternative vision for Ryde that respects the community and the environment, campaign against inappropriate development and to retain ownership of the existing Civic Centre. They are fighting for true community consultation and representation from Ryde Council.


Ryde Environment Group 

Ryde Environment Group is dedicated to the protection of Ryde's environment especially bushland on public and private land.


Ryde Hunters Hill Flora & Fauna Preservation Society Inc. 

Ryde Hunters Hill Flora and Fauna Preservation Society (RHHFFPS) began in the 1960s with local residents concerned about the future of the Field of Mars bushland in the Lane Cove River catchment of northern Sydney, which was threatened by the expansion of a local waste tip. In 1966, Ryde Council agreed to the Society's proposal to develop the Field of Mars Reserve as a flora and fauna sanctuary. Ensuing hard work has seen the restoration of degraded wetlands and bushland and protection of the reserve as a Wildlife Refuge. A Visitors Centre and an Environmental Education Centre have since been built. The Education Centre is visited by 10,000 students every year. On weekends RHHFFPS volunteers staff the Visitors Centre.


Ryde-Gladesville Climate Change Action Group 

Ryde-Gladesville Climate Change Action Group in north-west Sydney is comprised of local citizens working for action on the most important issue of our time.


Rylstone District Environment Society Inc. 

Rylstone District Environment Society (RDES) is the local environment group for the rural townships, villages and localities around Rylstone and Kandos in the NSW Central West. RDES works on a variety of environmental projects and campaigns to protect the natural environment, biodiversity, water catchments, ecological sustainability and more.


Save Cliefden Caves Association 

The Save Cliefden Caves Association is a community organisation working towards the protection of the Cliefden Caves, it's fossil sites and thermal caves, from dam proposals in the area which threaten to flood the caves.


Save Manly Dam Catchment Committee Inc. 

The Save Manly Dam Catchment Committee is a local community group with members throughout the Manly-Warringah area. Their mission is to: conserve the vulnerable Manly Dam catchment, its streams and bushland surrounds, maintain its diverse flora and fauna and improve its water quality.


Save Our Macleay River Inc. 

Save Our Macleay River Inc. is a community-based organisation seeking to raise awareness of current and potential future pollution in the Macleay River catchment from mining operations on the Northern Tablelands.


Save Our Rail NSW Inc. 

Save Our Rail NSW Inc. is a community-based organisation involved in campaigns to raise support for the Newcastle rail service that the State Government plans to cut. Save Our Rail organises public meetings, rallies and protests to demonstrate the overwhelming support for the maintenance and improvement of the Newcastle Service as essential to the life of the region.


Save Our Valley Inc. 

Save Our Valley Inc. was formed in 2017 when local residents and business owners became concerned about the NSW Government’s lack of communication about plans for high density housing in several areas straddling Wolli Creek in southern Sydney. The group supports appropriate urban planning that respects the rights and values of local communities and is compatible with the local topography, amenity and environment.


Saving Sydneys Trees 

Founded in January, 2016, Saving Sydneys Trees is a grassroots movement inspired out of the devastating loss of Sydney's most majestic trees to make way for Sydney's light rail route to the city’s south east suburbs. More than 1,200 trees will be impacted for the first stage of the project, of which over 800 are classified as Significant Trees. Of these, more than 500 will be removed, many of which are Sydney's historic trees along Anzac Parade. Light rail and trees can co-exist, like other cities around the world. However, where this project should be Sydney's pride and joy, it has become an embarrassment due to poor planning decisions and governance. Our aim is to stop poor planning decisions like this from happening again and ensure green legacys such as this are protected for future generations.


Shoalhaven Transition Inc. 

The Transition Network is a movement of communities coming together to re-imagine and rebuild our world to address the big challenges we face by starting local. It’s an approach that has spread to over 50 countries, to thousands of groups in towns, villages, cities, universities and schools. Shoalhaven Transition's aim is to grow connections with others in their community and utilise their energy, resources and creativity to bring ideas, projects and initiatives into reality that effect real and positive change throughout the Shoalhaven, south of Wollongong.


South East Region Conservation Alliance (SERCA) 

The South East Region Conservation Alliance was formed in 2005 by conservation, environment and concerned citizen groups on the NSW South Coast. SERCA campaigns for: public native forests to be managed for carbon sequestration and water and biodiversity values; private native forest owners to be given incentives to conserve forested areas; existing plantation supplies to be used for virtually all Australia’s domestic and export uses; no native forest products to be used for woodchips, electricity generation or biofuel; and genuinely clean, green industries to be developed in our rural regions, creating new industries, new jobs and training.


STEP Inc. 

STEP is a community-based environment organisation with over 400 members from the Ku-ring-gai and Hornsby districts and surrounding suburbs of northern Sydney. Their primary aim is to preserve all natural bushland within the area from alienation and degradation.


Stop Coal Seam Gas Sydney 

Stop CSG Sydney, formerly known as Sydney Residents Against Coal Seam Gas, is a community group campaigning to stop Coal Seam Gas mining in Sydney and the expansion of CSG mining across NSW. In November 2010 residents of St Peters in Sydney’s inner west found out that the NSW Labor government had approved an exploration licence to drill for Coal Seam Gas close to homes and schools in St Peters. The licence was granted with no community consultation and insufficient risk assessment. Stop CSG Sydney undertakes a variety of activities including organising community meetings, rallies, and lobbying to help achieve their objectives.


Stop CSG Illawarra 

Stop CSG Illawarra has been successful in keeping local areas free from Coal Seam Gas mining. They continue to organise community information stalls, knitting nanna 'knit-ins' and special events to inform the community of the risks of CSG across NSW and Australia.


Surfrider Foundation Australia 

The Surfrider Foundation Australia is a not-for-profit 'sea-roots' organisation dedicated to the protection of Australia’s waves and beaches through Conservation, Activism, Research and Education or C.A.R.E. Their mission and vision is to inspire engaged surfing and coastal communities which are passionate about protecting oceans, waves and beaches.


Sustainable Population Australia (NSW Branch) Inc. 

Sustainable Population Australia was formed in 1988 by people who felt that the issue of population numbers was overlooked, or regarded as too contentious, by many of those striving to preserve Australia's ecological heritage.


Sutherland Shire Environment Centre Inc. 

Sutherland Shire Environment Centre was set up in 1991 by concerned Shire residents, to act to defend the environment of the Sutherland Shire and associated bio-regions, by supporting members and local community organisations in their efforts to protect and improve their local areas, develop and conduct environmental education initiatives, and to encourage behavioural change to achieve a sustainable environment in the Sutherland Shire and its bio-regions.


Tarlo/Middlearm Landcare Group Inc. 

Tarlo/Middlearm Landcare Group works in the Sooley, Bumana and Tarlo catchments, promoting and applying the objectives and philosophies of Landcare. They currently have four sites under management and a native plant nursery and always welcome new volunteers.


The Goulburn Group 

The Goulburn Group (TGG) is a think tank and action group, with a research-based approach to its activities, committed to sustainable economic, social and environmental development in the Goulburn Region. TGG’s action agenda is project and partnership oriented to achieve real results.


The Lead Education and Abatement Design (LEAD) Group Inc. 

The Lead Education and Abatement Design Group (LEAD) is a not-for-profit community organisation which develops and provides information and referrals on lead poisoning and lead contamination prevention and management. Their goal is to eliminate lead poisoning globally and to protect the environment from lead in all its uses: past, current and future.


The Share Shop 

The Share Shop is a not-for-profit library of things in Newcastle, where members can borrow things instead of buying them. The Share Shop's inventory is all donated by the community and typically includes tools, camping equipment and party supplies. ​


The Society for Insect Studies Inc. 

The Society for Insect Studies Inc. is a non-profit organisation consisting of members dedicated to the promotion of the study of insects and related forms. The Society achieves this by means of meetings, lectures, exhibits, excursions, publications and a general involvement with related organisations. The Society’s motto Preserve the Habitat, reflects a major objective – the conservation of insects by habitat preservation.


The Wilderness Society (Newcastle) Inc. 

The Wilderness Society is a national community-based environment protection organisation working to safeguard our natural landscapes, clean water and air, tackle devastating climate change, create a safe future for life on Earth and pass a better world on to our children. The Newcastle Branch is very active in all environment issues affecting the Hunter region.


The Wilderness Society (Sydney) Inc. 

The Wilderness Society is a national community-based environment protection organisation working to safeguard our natural landscapes, clean water and air, tackle devastating climate change, create a safe future for life on Earth and pass a better world on to our children.


Threatened Species Conservation Society Inc. 

The Threatened Species Conservation Society Inc. aims to conserve and protect all threatened species of wildlife indigenous to Australia by organising and engaging in campaigns, events and other activities to create public awareness of threatened species. The Society creates education programs related to the conservation, propagation, protection and care of threatened wildlife species while assisting the work of reputable organisations to aid the conservation and care of threatened species.


Tighes Hill Community Group 

The Tighes Hill Community Group attempts to improve the local environment for residents via a range of activities and has been involved in efforts to phase out the nearby Newcastle coal loader.


Total Environment Centre Inc. 

The Total Environment Centre (TEC) has been campaigning for environment protection since 1972. TEC works to protect this country's natural and urban environment, in the city and country, changing government policy, advising the community and challenging business, by flagging the issues, driving debate, supporting community activism and pushing for better environmental policy and practice. TEC uses targeted research, publications, forums, persistent lobbying and community action to work for long-term solutions, addressing the cause as well as the symptoms of environmental stress.


Transition Newcastle Inc. 

Transition Newcastle is based on The Transition Town model, a global, grassroots phenomenon driven by the twin challenges of Climate Change and Peak Oil.


Ulitarra Conservation Society Inc. 

Founded in 1971 the Ulitarra Conservation Society aims to provide education in natural history together with a voice on matters of conservation and environmental concern. Members promote bushwalking and foster appreciation and conservation of the environment and support the establishment and maintenance of national parks and wilderness areas. The name Ulitarra comes from the all-powerful Aboriginal god who was the creator of the Gumbaynggirr people who inhabited the coast between the Nambucca and Clarence Rivers. Ulitarra believed it was a crime to misuse the environment and this would invoke his wrath. The society adheres to his philosophy.


Undermined Inc. 

Research has confirmed that longwall mining for coal and possibly groundwater extraction have damaged the World Heritage-listed Thirlmere Lakes, near Tahmoor west of Sydney. draining the lakes of much of their water. Undermined Inc. campaigns for the rehabilitation and recovery of subsurface aquifers and groundwater to levels equivalent to those before mining commenced in the 1980s.


Wando Conservation and Cultural Centre Inc. 

Wando is a quiet, farming community to the immediate north of the Leard State Forest which has the unfortunate circumstance of lying over one of the richest beds of black coal in NSW, and within the portfolio of Santos coal seam gas exploration licences. Both the Leard Forest and the Maules Creek community are under imminent, irreversible threats from inappropriate coal and gas extraction. Wando Conservation and Cultural Centre aims to observe and report breaches of socially and state-imposed conditions when those breaches threaten the environment or livelihood of people; to provide support to the local community in their continuing effort to protect their land, health, and right to live in a clean environment; and to protect Maules Creek and the Liverpool Plains rural farming communities that provides food and fibre to the wider national and international community.


Willoughby Environmental Protection Association (WEPA) Inc. 

Willoughby Environmental Protection Association (WEPA) is a small but active community-based group on Sydney's North Shore with local and broader interests and activities in environmental protection. WEPA organises meetings on a range of topics, lobbies Local, State and Federal Politicians, comments on plans and proposals before Local Government, has representatives on Local Government committees, supports community events and runs a major bush regeneration project along Sugarloaf Creek near Middle Harbour.


Wingecarribbee Landcare/Bushcare Network Inc. 

Wingecarribee Landcare & Bushcare Network aims to preserve the integrity of the natural environment of the Mt. Alexandra Reserve (5,000 acres) on the Upper Nattai River area near Mittagong in the Wingecarribbee Shire. The group is open for everyone to join or participate in.


Wolli Creek Preservation Society Inc. 

Wolli Creek Preservation Society's objectives are: the preservation of the Wolli and Bardwell Creek valleys in a natural condition; removal of all county and road reservations affecting the Wolli Creek Valley; protection of the area from further urban development particularly residential, commercial or industrial developments or the setting up of formal or dedicated playing fields; to encourage the re-establishment of native flora and fauna to the maximum extent possible within the area; and to encourage and participate in the development of Wolli Creek Valley as a passive outdoors recreational, educational and scientific resource.


Wombat Protection Society of Australia Ltd 

The Wombat Protection Society was formed to fund projects to provide wombats with immediate protection from harm, enhance the quality of life of individuals or groups of wombats and maintain suitable habitat and/or sanctuaries. Through education it aims to improve community attitudes towards wombats.


World League for Protection of Animals Inc. 

The League was founded in Germany in 1898 and formally organised in Paris in 1900. In 1928 the League inaugurated the World Day for Animals, which is still universally held on the first Sunday in October. The Australian branch of the League was formed in 1935. WLPA is committed to promoting the wellbeing and rights of all animals throughout the world, both native and non-native.


YHA Ltd 

YHA Ltd is part of the world's largest backpacker accommodation network, Hostelling International (HI), providing more than 4,000 YHA hostels in over 60 countries. YHA is a membership-based, not for profit association, with all profits going back into the hostels and the experience they provide. YHA is committed to reducing its environmental impact and promoting the benefits of low-impact travel.