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No more pollution exemptions for the Vales Point coal power station

An estimated 650 children on the Central Coast and at Lake Macquarie have asthma because of pollution that comes from coal-fired power stations like the one at Vales Point. 

Even though the connection between emissions of nitrogen oxides and asthma is clear, the owner of Vales Point power station, Delta Electricity, has asked the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) to let it keep polluting at levels 10 times higher than the European standard and 23 times higher than is allowed in Japan. 

Sign this form submission calling on the EPA to reject the application and force Vales Point coal-fired power station to clean up its pollution. 

Dear NSW Environmental Protection Authority,

Thank you for the opportunity to have my say on Vales Point power station's nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions.

I oppose Vales Point being exempted from emission standards that other power stations are required to meet.

Coal-fired power stations are the biggest NOx polluters in NSW.

Independent health experts have shown such facilities are responsible for hundreds of premature deaths and childhood asthma cases across the state every year. 

For the sake of public health, I call on the EPA to reject Vales Point's application.

You can also do your own submission by following our submission guide.

Will you sign?