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Clean up Vales Point power station pollution

It's estimated that 650 children on the Central Coast and at Lake Macquarie have asthma because of nitrogen dioxide pollution that comes from coal-fired power stations.  

Decrepit Vales Point coal-fired power station on Lake Macquarie is one of those, but worse, it wants to be allowed to pump out almost double the NSW nitrogen levels for another 5 years.

Delta Electricity has applied to the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) for Vales Point Power station to be exempt from stricter NSW emission controls for another 5 years which is making kids sick. This cannot continue and they must stop getting a free pass

The undersigned petitioners therefore call on the EPA , Minister Kean the Legislative Assembly to:

1. Reject Delta Electricity’s application for Vales Point power station to be exempt from stricter emission controls
2. Place Vales Point power station into Group 5 where it belongs and ensure that it meets the stricter emission controls
3. Ensure that Vales Point installs the filters and scrubbers needed to clean up its act

2,000 Signatures

76 Signatures

Will you sign?