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Stop logging the fire ravaged South Coast

Write to your MP and tell them how vital it is we protect our fire ravaged native forests from logging.

Forestry Corporation NSW has recently resumed logging in South Coast native forests. Following the Black Summer bushfires, the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) restricted logging on the South Coast to give the fragile burnt forests and wildlife a chance to recover.

The EPA says that recovery could take over 100 years in some forests, so that tree hollows can form and threatened species populations can recover. But Forestry Corp is now ignoring the EPA’s concerns and is logging on the South Coast again without additional environmental protections. This is a reprehensible move that puts threatened species like the greater glider at threat.

Forestry Corporation also plans to log areas which were unburnt or only lightly burnt during the fires. Areas which survived largely intact are refuges for animals that were displaced due to extensive burning in surrounding forests. They have nowhere else to go.

Please send an email to tell your local MP that you are disgusted with the plan to decimate these forests and that Forestry Corp needs to immediately halt plans to log the South Coast forests.