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Stop Logging in the Great Koala National Park

Open letter to NSW Members of Parliament

Map of the proposed Great Koala National Park (white outline). Red polygons show planned logging over the next 12 months. White polygons are 'koala hubs’ - the most important sites of koala habitat in NSW

One in five koalas in NSW live within the forests of the proposed Great Koala National Park (GKNP). 
Of the 175,000ha of state forests that are proposed to be reserved within the GKNP, Forestry Corporation NSW plans to log more than 17% of it, including some of the most important koala habitat in NSW. This represents a 385% increase in logging of compartments of state forest that fall within the boundaries of the future Great Koala National Park since 2021-22 figures

The NSW taxpayers shouldn't have to foot the bill. The native forest logging industry is running at a loss and is propped up by taxpayer dollars. Over the past two years, $29 million was spent subsidising Forestry Corporation’s native logging, equating to $5 million to log forest in the Great Koala National Park.  

Victoria and Western Australia have already committed to ending native forest logging by next year. NSW, however, still plunders its magnificent forests, even in critical habitat of the endangered koala.  It’s time to end this outdated industry. 

We call on you to:  

  • Immediately suspend logging operations within the boundaries of the proposed Great Koala National Park. 
  • Protect the full 315,000 hectares of the proposed Great Koala National Park. 
  • Invest in the plantation industry to ensure NSW sources all its timber from sustainable plantations and to create good, sustainable jobs. 
  • Cease conversion of native forest to plantation and protect koala habitat within existing plantations in the GKNP footprint. 



Will you sign?