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Senate must reject Nationals' attempts to further undermine the Basin Plan

The Nature Conservation Council calls on all Senators to defend the Murray-Darling River system and reject proposed National Party amendments to the Water Legislation Amendment (Inspector-General of Water Compliance and Other Measures) Bill 2021. 

“The proposed amendments will substantially hamper attempts to restore the Murray-Daring River system and are clearly not in the public interest,” Nature Conservation Council Chief Executive Chris Gambian said. 

“Water buybacks are a critical tool for reviving our dying Murray-Darling River system. Without them, we may never restore the basin’s rivers, lakes and billabongs, and we’ll leave a legacy of toxic algal blooms and dead and dying river red gum forests. 

“Any moves to outlaw buybacks as a legitimate management tool are extremely reckless. 

“We call on Senators to stop the Nationals further undermining the Murray-Darling Basin Plan and entrenching the wealth and power of the irrigator lobby.” 

The amendments would also scrap the return of 450 gigalitres of desperately needed water to the environment.  

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Urgent action required to protect coastal waterways

September 21, 2023

21st September 2023  The Nature Conservation Council of NSW (NCC), the state’s leading environmental advocacy organisation, has today urged the NSW Government to take urgent action to protect our coastal waterways before the next drought sees many of them disappear.  "As dry weather returns...

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NSW Budget fails to meet the climate and environment moment.

September 20, 2023

20th September 2023  The Nature Conservation Council of New South Wales (NCC), the states' leading environmental advocacy organisation, has today labelled the biodiversity and environment ‘missing’ from the budget.   “Given the scale of the environmental crisis we’re in, spending 1.67% of the budget on the environment is inadequate” Dr Brad Smith, acting CEO said today.  “The budget forecasts a surplus...

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