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Rescue the Darling-Baaka

The Darling-Baaka is suffering from neglect, over-extraction, pollution and mismanagement. 

Fish kills are ongoing, there is not enough water for the environment, and it has come to light that experts who work for the government are routinely silenced – unable to share their science with the public. 

The Darling-Baaka needs decisive action from the NSW Government to restore it to health.  

We call on the NSW Government to: 

  • Establish a 'drought reserve' of 4 years water supply for critical river flows and town water supplies in all large public dams in the northern Murray-Darling Basin. 
  • Establish 'flow targets' in the water sharing rules that mean rivers get the flows they need to meet the environmental targets in the Murray-Darling Basin Plan. 
  • Protect all water that is meant for the environment from pumping. 

Image: Last year's fish kill event was catastrophic.

Will you sign?