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Protect the Gardens of Stone

Save this hidden wonderland from coal mining

The Gardens of Stone is one of NSW’s most magical landscapes, a hidden gem just outside Lithgow. Ancient pagoda rock formations rise above valleys, lush canyons and nationally endangered wetlands of the Newnes Plateau.

Coal mining threatens this special area by underground longwall mining under wetlands, which causes the bedrock to crack and the water to drain. With no water, these lush wetlands turn into dust bowls. 

The Angus Place mine, which operated underneath the Gardens of Stone, has applied to re-start and massively expand operations and continuing extracting coal until 2053. If this project is approved, the coal this mine generates will be equivalent to 8.5% of NSW’s annual greenhouse gas emissions. 

Longwall mining in the area will drain the endangered Newnes Plateau wetlands, which are found nowhere else in the world, and push threatened species closer to extinction, including rare orchids, the eastern pygmy possum, the giant dragonfly and the Blue Mountains water skink.

To the Department of Planning and the Independent Planning Commission,

We, the undersigned, call on you to oppose the Angus Place Mine Extension Project and support protection for the area through the Gardens of Stone Stage 2 Reserve proposal.

Will you sign?