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NSW Site Auditor Scheme’s Accreditation Panel

Representative of community environmental groups sought for appointment to the
NSW Site Auditor Scheme’s Accreditation Panel.

The NSW site auditor scheme provides a pool of accredited 'site auditors' who can
be engaged to review investigation, remediation, and validation work done by
contaminated land consultants.

The scheme is administered by the EPA under Part
4 of the Contaminated Land Management Act 1997 (CLM Act), with the aim to
protect the environment and human health through proper management of
contaminated land.

The functions of the accreditation panel are to make recommendations to the EPA
regarding the suitability of an applicant for accreditation and to provide other advice
as the EPA may request.

The nominee is required to have appropriate technical expertise in areas relevant to
contaminated sites for example geotechnology and hydrogeology, environmental
and analytical chemistry, soil science, ecotoxicology, human toxicology, contaminant
fate and transport, exposure assessment, data evaluation, environmental sampling,
risk evaluation and/or remedial technologies.

Members of the panel hold office for 3 years but are eligible for re-appointment and
are entitled to allowance as approved by the EPA.

Register your interest as soon as possible to [email protected] by submitting a CV