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NSW Leads the Charge

Household electrification represents an incomparable opportunity for households to save money, have a positive impact on climate, and to create secure jobs. Each household in NSW can save an average of $898 per year just from switching from gas to electric appliances (source). 

Household electric appliances such as electric heat pumps, electric air conditioning and induction stove tops are more energy efficient, cost less to use, and don't put toxic gas emissions in your home. 

A child living with gas cooking in their home faces a similar risk of asthma to a child living with household cigarette smoke (source). 

Victoria and ACT are winning the race to shift to efficient electric appliances, why should NSW miss out on cheaper energy bills? 

We call on the NSW to:  

  • Set ambitious targets to electrify NSW homes.  
  • Support households to upgrade appliances through incentives such as rebates and low/no interest loans, with priority for low income and vulnerable communities.  
  • Introduce minimum energy efficiency standards and disclosure for rental properties, including electrification standards by 2025. 
  • Provide funding for Community Energy Hubs to assist residents in CALD communities access and realise the benefits of electrification.  

The NSW government needs to provide a clear plan and roadmap to electrify households, educational messaging to NSW communities, and subsidies and incentives to support struggling communities to electrify.  

Let's take action together, and make sure NSW Leads the Charge

Sign this petition to show the NSW government you are eager to electrify. 

Will you sign?