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NSW is on the road to transport energy transition

The Nature Conservation Council welcomes NSW Government plans to decarbonise the state’s transport systems, starting with Sydney’s suburban train network and small ferries. [1] 

NSW Transport Minister Andrew Constance says the government plans to have the electric train network run on 100% clean renewable energy by the end of 2025. 

He also announced smaller vessels the Sydney’s ferry fleet would be converted from diesel to electricity. These announcements complement plans he unveiled in December to make Sydney’s bus fleet electric by 2030. [2] 

Yesterday, Mr Constance published an editorial calling for incentives to accelerate the uptake of electric vehicles and for the government to reject calls for electric vehicle owners to pay road user charges to replace lost petrol excise. [3]  

“These are all very sensible measures that will help NSW become carbon neutral by 2050,” Nature Conservation Council Chief Executive said. 

“I applaud the minister for showing leadership in this critical area. 

“Making the state’s transport sector run on 100% clean energy is the next big challenge after transitioning the electricity grid in NSW. 

“We still have a long way to go to clean up the grid, but we can’t wait until that’s done to tackle the transport sector. 

“About 20 per cent of the state’s greenhouse gas emissions are from the vehicles, so electrification of transport is a key to tackling climate change.” 

NCC this week launched a campaign to accelerate the uptake of electric vehicles in NSW as a critical element in the strategy to transition the state economy to 100% clean energy by 2030. 

 Campaign, titled Accelerate NSW, [4] includes calls to: 

  • Waive stamp duty for EV purchases   
  • Reduce registration fees for EVs 
  • Provide direct incentives for individuals and businesses to upgrade to EVs 
  • Mandate EVs for all new government fleet purchases  
  • Set EV ambitious vehicle targets for the NSW fleet 


[1] NSW rail network to go green by 2025, smaller ferries to go electric, Tom Rabe, SMH, 11-6-21. 

[2] Sydney aims to turn entire bus fleet electric by 2030, Tom Rabe, SMH, 2-12-20. 

[3] As NSW roads minister, I know we have to incentivise electric cars, Andrew Constance, The Guardian, 10-6-21.  

[4] State budget must encourage uptake of electric vehicles, NCC media release, 9-6-21   


MEDIA CONTACT: James Tremain | 0419 272 254 

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