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Koalas Need Trees Petition

Koala numbers in NSW have been declining for decades. Since the 1990s, one in four koalas were lost, with habitat loss the leading cause. Then the Black Summer bushfires killed an estimated 8,000 koalas in NSW, leaving only 20,000 remaining in the wild.

The NSW Government has committed to doubling the koala population in the state by 2050. But rather than actively support the recovery and growth of this species, the NSW Government has continued to approve destructive developments, mines, native forest logging and agricultural land clearing of koala habitat. The NSW Coalition has not taken appropriate measures to expand the national parks estate to incorporate areas of core habitat for koalas and populations. 

In April, the NSW Government will make a massive decision regarding how koalas are protected on rural land throughout the state via changes to regulatory codes. This is a huge moment for koalas, with these changes set to impact 80% of the state. It will either push them to the brink or support their recovery.  

If the government is serious about doubling the koala population, they must make sure that the new codes are consistent with the steps needed to save koalas and: 

  1. map koala habitat and populations across the state
  2. protect all koala habitat from destruction 
  3. restore koala habitat and local populations

If the NSW government doesn’t take immediate action, this iconic species could be extinct in our state within decades.  

Sign and share the petition to help koalas survive in the wild until 2050, and beyond. 

We, the undersigned, call on the Minister for the Energy and the Environment, Minister for Planning and Public Spaces and the Minister for Agriculture and Western NSW to save koalas in NSW from extinction by ensuring the revised Private Native Forestry and Local Land Service codes: 

  1. refer to scientifically robust and comprehensive mapping of koala habitat and populationacross NSW; 
  2. protect all koala habitat from destruction on private land; and 
  3. enable restoration of koala habitat and local populations. 

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