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Koalas Need Trees Campaign Launch


Koalas Need Trees is a grassroots campaign led by koala champions across the state. We are standing up to politicians and big business who stand by while koalas head towards extinction. Koalas are forecast to be extinct in New South Wales before 2050 unless we act quickly. Cutting down trees for urban development, logging and agriculture is destroying koala habitat and threatens their existence - yet the government is failing to act to protect koala habitat. Koalas need human champions to campaign and lobby for their survival. We must speak up for koalas in the face of development and logging interests. Koalas don’t have a voice or the deep pockets of developers but we can speak up for them. The New South Wales Government knows they are not doing enough to protect koalas. They say they want to double koala populations by 2050, while allowing developers and logging companies to cut down koala habitat. We can push the government where they will feel it, in their electorates, in Parliament house and in the media. They need to know we are watching and will not accept anything less than an end to the destruction of koala habitat in NSW.