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Join a working group

NCC convenes a number of Advisory and Working Groups to help further its objectives. 

In particular, the goal of Advisory & Working Groups are to:

  • Advise NCC on policy issues within the remit of the Advisory or Working Group 
  • Formulate policies for consideration by Annual Conference 
  • Assist with the preparation of policy submissions as required 

Working Groups have the additional objectives to: 

  • Promote coordination and collaboration between NCC member organisations; 
  • Support outreach, organising & advocacy on issues within the remit of the Working Group and in accordance with the NCC Strategic Plan. 

To join a working group you must be a member of one of the Nature Conservation Council's member groups. View our member groups.

If you would like to apply to participate in a working group, please fill out the form and select which working group you are interested in.