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Right now, the NSW Government is changing planning rules that determine the environmental performance of new buildings and developments.  

The new Design and Place State Environmental Planning Policy (SEPP) will set requirements for energy efficiency, electrification, tree canopy cover, green space and more.    

The Design and Place SEPP is a crucial opportunity to reduce emissions from new buildings, as well as make them cheaper to run and healthier for people.  

With some in the developer lobby advocating for "flexibility" and weaker standards, it’s important the NSW Government knows the community wants a strong SEPP that helps us get to net zero and prepare for a hotter future.     

While details of building codes and planning rules can seem dry, they really matter – for reducing emissions, for the comfort of our homes and for urban flora and fauna.   

Will you email your local MP and tell them you want to see a strong Design and Place SEPP?    

Let’s raise our voices and show the community is paying attention – we want planning rules that deliver greener, more liveable buildings and urban environments.   

It is the government’s job to set planning rules that benefit everyone.

Planning rules should not be dictated by developers chasing short-term profits.     

Write to your local MP