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Encourage good water policy

The federal Labor Party has released a five-point plan for the Murray-Darling Basin that would reverse the Morrison government's undermining of the Murray-Darling Basin Plan.

Will you send an email to the Labor Water Spokesperson Terri Butler and Opposition Leader Anthony Albanese to demonstrate public support for this plan.

Labor's commitment to deliver 450 gigalitres of water is vital if we are to meet the targets of the plan, which, according to the science, is the bare minimum needed to save rivers, wetlands and sustain river communities. 

Re-establishing the National Water Commission, publishing data and modelling, investing in science, and increasing compliance funding are all vital for restoring public confidence in water management after years of scandal and secrecy.  

The commitment to increase First Nations' water ownership is long overdue and would rectify a broken promise made by the Morrison government and deliver some justice for historical wrongs.