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Get off the gas: Victoria is quitting gas, NSW should follow suit

Get off the gas: Victoria is quitting gas, NSW should follow suit 

28th July 2023 

The Nature Conservation Council of New South Wales (NCC), the states leading environmental advocacy organisation, welcomes the Victorian Government’s decision to quit gas in homes and government buildings, and urges NSW to follow their lead.  

The Victorian Government announced today that from January 1st 2024, new homes and government buildings won’t be permitted to have gas connections. 

This move will save consumers money, replace gas with more efficient alternatives and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. 

 “The Victorian Government has signalled with this decision that there is no place for gas in a clean energy future and NSW should follow their lead,” said Nature Conservation Council CEO Jacqui Mumford. 

“NSW Labor committed to developing a gas substitution roadmap and associated policy measures at their 2022 Conference, so now is the perfect time to get that underway.” 

“Quitting gas will accelerate the clean energy transition in NSW and will be critical in meeting the state’s emissions reduction targets of 70% by 2035.” 

“Methane gas is a planet cooking fossil fuel 80 times more potent than carbon dioxide over 20 years. It is also the world’s fastest growing source of greenhouse gas pollution. We have clearly entered a dangerous phase of climate destabilisation and crisis. The earth is sending the message loud and clear: there is no time to waste. 

“It’s time for the NSW Government to get serious, step up and take the bold action needed to address the climate crisis and ensure their commitments are met.” 

Statements attributable to NCC Chief Executive Officer Jacqui Mumford 

“Gas is expensive for the consumer and the planet. Gas prices will likely keep on rising and phasing out gas in homes will save households at least $1000 a year on their energy bills.” 

“Gas is harmful to human health, when used in the home, it has been proven to be akin to exposing children to cigarette smoke. Cooking and heating with gas causes up to 12 percent of childhood asthma cases. Electrifying homes is a no brainer.” 

Statement ends 

Media contact: Anna Greer 
E: [email protected] Ph: (02) 7208 9482 

Note: NCC CEO Jacqui Mumford is available for comment on request

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