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Friends of Glenlee

Help the Friends of Glenlee go to court to stop the destruction of Lugarno’s Wildlife corridor and remnant Forest. 

UPDATE: Between July 13 and August 10, 2022 the NSW Heritage Council will consider a State heritage listing for the Glenlee site. This is a wonderful opportunity to secure the future of a precious piece of Sydney history. Our thanks go to the members Save Glenlee campaign who have been working tirelessly for this great result.

You can make a submission to the Heritage Council of NSW via [email protected] and go to the Save Glenlee website for more details!


In June 2021 a resident action group was formed to fight a development that will destroy a 2.5-hectare property known as Glenlee. Listed by the National Trust for its early settler history and aboriginal cultural Heritage, it is a significant part of NSW early history.  

Fronting the Georges River, it is a vital part of a forested river foreshore corridor, home to a wide range of wildlife including the threatened Grey-headed Flying Fox, Eastern Osprey, Powerful Owl and White-bellied Sea Eagle as well as swamp wallaby, echidna, possums, reptiles, frogs and a number of other vulnerable species of birds and mammals. 

The development is set to destroy 200 trees including Blackbutt Trees, Grey Gum, Port Jackson Fig, many of which are over 100-years old, causing irreparable environmental damage. At times of drought and severe bushfire forested foreshore river corridors like Glenlee are crucial to wildlife for movement and to find refuge habitats.  

The Friends of Glenlee Association Incorporated has been formed to fight the development and save Glenlee from being replaced with 31 houses. The developer is taking the case to the Land and Environment Court.

The community are raising funds to help fight for Glenlee in court. The funds will go directly towards expert’s fees and legal costs that will help save the property. To join the fight and stay informed, visit the friends of Glenlee website and please consider making a donation.