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Forest Panels

Stop Redbank Power Station

Verdant Earth is at it again - seeking to burn our forests to produce electricity.

Last year, after a mammoth community effort, we were able to stop them sourcing timber from our state forests. Now they are trying to use forests and bush from private land. 

This would cause large-scale habitat loss and devastate our already at-risk ecosystems.

It would also be terrible for the climate. Burning green wood chips emits 50% more CO2 per megawatt hour of energy produced than coal, while undermining investment in genuinely clean energy. 


Breach Watch - Citizen Science

Breach Watch is a program where ordinary citizens can help protect native forests by monitoring and reporting logging breaches. We measure tree diameters and heights, look for hollows that have been destroyed by logging, ensure habitat, nectar and giant trees are not destroyed by the chainsaws. This important work has stopped loggers in their tracks and protect native forests.

Check out the Breach Watch website and join in.