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Make a submission to protect forests from burning for electricity

A loophole in NSW laws allows native forest trees to be cleared, woodchipped and burnt for electricity.

This law is currently being reviewed by the EPA, creating the perfect opportunity to shine a light on this outrageous loophole that allows the biomass industry to ransack our native bush. 

Trees that are too small or not straight enough for sawlogs are usually left standing in our state forests, but this loophole classifies these living trees as waste that can be logged for biomass. 

Why it’s important to make a submission: Biomass companies currently have proposals to feed up to a million tonnes of woodchips into power stations every year, mostly from native forests. 

These biomass projects, like the proposed Redbank power station, will incentivise increased and more intensive native forest logging by creating a market demand for low value, high volume native forest products.  
By fixing the loophole in the laws, we can stop these proposals from treating our precious native forests as a source of "waste" woodchips for their furnaces. These trees provide critical habitat, remove greenhouse pollution from the air, and filter our clean water. They are worth more standing. 

Submissions close at midnight on Thursday, 14 April 2022.