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EPA mandates night surveys for gliders but changes don't go far enough

February 20th, 2024

A huge thank you to the thousands of people who have supported our campaign to protect the greater glider. 

After sustained pressure, the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) has backed down on their attempts to scrap survey requirements for greater gliders. They have also agreed to mandate that surveys for greater gliders be undertaken at night, and require Forestry Corporation to retain more hollow-bearing trees in some of our southern forests  - from 8 to 14 per hectare. 

(Photo: Dave Gallan)

This is a small a small but positive step in the fight to protect our forest's most valuable habitat trees. However, when pressed on how these surveys would be undertaken, the EPA informed us that Forestry Corporation would only be required to survey a small proportion of each compartment, and even then only along logging roads and tracks. That means 95% of a logging compartment will now be exempt from glider surveys, as will all glider dens not facing a road or path. 

(Photo: Dave Gallan)

It is clear that our laws are failing to protect endangered animals from logging.

20 years ago greater gliders were a common site throughout NSW's forests. Now, they face extinction.

Areas we know have a high density of gliders living in them are being logged right now. While Victoria and Western Australia have this year ended native forest logging, Forestry Corporation NSW has plans to increase the amount of native forest they cut down, pulp and turn into woodchips and cardboard. This will devastate our remaining forests and the animals who rely upon them. 

Native forest logging has to end. We've already lost too much of our precious bush. We will keep fighting for strong greater glider protections and to stop this devastating practice for good.

(Photo: Dave Gallan) 

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