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EPA decision fails endangered gliders

February 2, 2024 

The Nature Conservation Council of New South Wales (NCC), the state’s leading environmental advocacy organisation, has today criticised in the strongest possible terms the EPA’s changes to pre-logging forest surveys. 

The changes announced today will remove the requirements for Forestry Corporation to undertake species specific surveys for Greater Gliders before commencing logging.  

Instead, there will be a requirement in some areas to retain a small increase in hollow bearing trees (80 cm or above) from 8 to 14 per hectare. 

The move comes after revelations that Forestry Corporation was surveying for the nocturnal marsupial during the day, which had become the subject of heavy criticism from environmentalist across the state.  

Statements attributable to Clancy Barnard, NCC Spokesperson 

“The EPA seems to have agreed that that surveying for nocturnal gliders during the day is ineffective, and rather than mandate nighttime surveys they have simply removed the requirements to look for them altogether. 

“The Environmental Protection Authority recently found 19 dens and 89 gliders in just one area Forestry Corporation was logging.  

“This decision will mean this beautiful animal will continue the fast glide towards extinction.  

“It will now be up to citizen scientists to do the work the EPA and Forestry Corporation won’t and identify the hollow bearing trees that are vital sanctuaries for endangered species like the greater glider.  

“Native forest logging needs to end. Every piece of forest lost won’t come back in our lifetime. 

NCC analysis has shown that areas with  some of the highest numbers of Southern Greater Glider records in the state are being logged right now. 

“Endangered species like the Greater glider need real protection, not lip service. 

“The only way to ensure a prosperous future for our forest dwelling friends is with an end to native forest logging in NSW for good. 

Statement ends 

Media contact: Clancy Barnard 

E: [email protected]  Ph: 0438 869 332 

Note: NCC Spokesperson Clancy Barnard is available for comment on request 

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