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Electrify Transport

Emissions from the transport sector make up 22% of NSW's greenhouse gas emissions. Vehicles also emit air pollution that damages people's health.

The electrification of the transport sector — transitioning from petrol and diesel to electric vehicles powered by renewable energy — can make a major impact on our carbon emissions while also reducing air and noise pollution.

The Nature Conservation Council wants governments to accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles by providing incentives that make them more affordable and by building infrastructure to service the electric fleet.

Accelerate Electric Vehicles petition

Right now the NSW government is deciding whether to encourage electric vehicles in NSW or slap in a new EV tax. 

The right policies can make electric vehicles available for everyone, and that means cleaner air, quieter streets, better health and a safe climate future for our children. 

We can take advantage of our renewable energy boom to power our cars with Australian sun and wind instead of imported oil. 

And never worry about the price of petrol at the pump again. 

Please sign the petition to encourage the NSW Government to provide incentives to support the adoption of electric vehicles and to not tax them until they are widespread.

Dear Premier, cabinet ministers and all members of NSW Parliament, 

The right policies can make electric vehicles available for everyone. 
More electric vehicles on the road means cleaner air, quieter streets, better health and a safe climate for our children. 

So let’s make New South Wales #1 in Australia for electric vehicles built, sold and on the road.  
Please electrify our economy today by providing support and incentives for people to make the switch to electric vehicles. 

And don't tax electric vehicles until they are widespread.

2,000 Signatures

1,584 Signatures

Will you sign?

$500m electric vehicle package jump-starts the road transport transition in NSW

The NSW Government’s almost $500 million package to accelerate the uptake of electric vehicles [1] is the beginning of the end of the internal combustion engine’s 120-year monopoly on road transportation in NSW. [2]  “This is an historic and very welcome package from a government that has significantly increased its commitment to climate action over the past few years,” Nature Conservation Council Chief Executive Chris Gambian...
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