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Don’t let the NSW government prop up coal

The NSW government plans to spend billions of taxpayer dollars propping up the Eraring coal-burning power station.  

This dirty, old and privately run generator is the biggest coal plant in Australia, emitting 13 million tonnes of carbon per year. That’s more emissions than all 4.4 million cars in NSW! 

Public subsidies threaten to derail the clean energy transition, make it almost impossible for NSW (and Australia) to reach our already weak climate targets. 


Join us in calling on the NSW government to 

  • Rule out public subsidies for Eraring Coal Fired Power station 
  • Guarantee coal-fired power plants will no longer receive exemptions from NSW’s clean air laws (NOx emissions limits)  
  • Direct any money allocated to coal subsidies towards renewable energy and storage 

Every time action-is delayed, we are pushed further out of balance with nature. 

Every step that cuts pollution helps secure our future, and can be measured in lives, livelihoods and communities saved. 

Will you sign?