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Bowdens Silver is trying to develop a toxic lead, zinc and silver mine at Lue

The Independent Planning Commission (IPC) is taking submissions to the Bowdens Silver Mine proposal until 5pm Friday 24 February 2023


If you are worried about the impacts of the proposed mine in your area, please make a submission to the IPC and express your concerns.

Here is a guide to how to make a submission:

Go directly to this link Independent Planning Commission - Bowdens Silver (

Ensure the “Bowdens Silver” is the case listed under “Which proposed development do you wish to provide a submission on?”

You will need to select the options that best apply to you, and remember to select that you object to the project.

You can either type directly into a text box for your submission, or attach files in either PDF, DOCX, JPG, or XLS format, up to 20MB in size. Please be aware that if you choose to upload files containing your personal information, these files will be published on the Commissions website in full including your personal information.

Elect whether you’d like your name withheld (anonymous) or not, fill in your details, tick the declaration box and click submit.

When making your written submission:

Keep your submission factual and refer to the DPE referral and reports.

Ensure you recommend conditions, even to the point of rewording, crossing out or using the formatting of the DPE recommendations so it’s simple for the IPC to add/adjust if they decide to approve with conditions.

Remember that the IPC are assessing the DPE assessment. The IPC role is to ensure this has taken place correctly and adequately to reach their recommendations.

We need to let them know that there are unresolved problems with the proposed mine that really matter to the community.

Some issues that have been raised by community groups as concerns to help your train of thought:

  • You may be a nearby neighbour who is concerned about the level of contaminants including lead particles which become airborne and settle in your homes or schools.
  • A downstream water user of Lawsons Creek may be concerned that the extraction and use by the mine will mean less water availability or a degradation in the quality of the water.
  • You may be worried that if the Tailings Dam fails, the damage to the surrounding ecosystems is a risk that cannot be taken.
  • Should the tailings dam fail, contamination to downstream Cudegong and Wambuul/Macquarie Rivers would permanently threaten the environment and communities including Mudgee, Wellington and Dubbo and down to the Ramsar listed Macquarie Marshes.
  • You may be a visitor to the area who enjoys the rural aspect and feel to this community, which will be changed with a distinctive miners town feel while in operation.
  • You may have children/ grandchildren and cannot bear the thought of the legacy this mine will leave in terms of irreversible environmental damage in this area.
  • You may be concerned about the listing of koalas as endangered in February last year, and that the mine will cause the destruction of Koala and other native wildlife habitat.
  • You may be upset by the fact that White Box-Yellow Box-Blakely's Red Gum Grassy Woodland, an ecological community defined as critically endangered under the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999, has been identified on the site, and 180 hectares of its habitat will be destroyed.


NCC member group the Lue Action Group has created a detailed resource for further information about the threats posed by Bowdens Silver Mine. Please access it here.


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