Kate Smolski

Chief Executive Officer 


Campaigns and Policy


Daisy Barham

Campaigns Director 

Cerin Loane

Policy and Research Coordinator  


James Tremain

Communications Manager 

Brad Smith

Senior Energy and Climate Campaigner 


Jacqui Mumford

Lead Organiser 

Shirley Hall

Nature Campaigner 


Sharnie Connell

Marine Campaigner (part time) 

Garry Kelly

Network Organiser 


Keith Huang

Network Organiser 

Jacki Boyce

Senior Digital Campaigner 


Minna Featherstone

Community Organiser 


Healthy Ecosystems


Kate McShea

Healthy Ecosystems Program Coordinator 

Mark Graham

Hotspots Ecologist (part time) 


Kevin Taylor

Hotspots Ecologist 




Jamie Payne

Operations Manager (part time) 

Queene Ostria

Office & Accounts Manager 


Amy Strandquist

Administration Officer 




Steve Clarke

Philanthropy Manager (part time) 

Marnie Frost

Major Donor Officer (part time) 


Oxana Repina

Database Officer (part time) 


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