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A better way for habitat - webinar

Hosted by Alliance for Nature NSW 

The Minns Labor Government came to power promising to “stop runaway land clearing” and “fix the biodiversity offset scheme”. 

In opposition they were vocal environmentalists – criticising the Liberal National Party's ‘do what you want and we won't look’ reforms to habitat protection laws.   

But in government they have failed to act. Now we’re hearing concerning reports that some members of the Minns Cabinet are seeking to water down or simply not enact these election commitments altogether. 

Recognising the critical importance of these reforms, the Alliance for Nature NSW has formed to make it clear that the environment movement is united, and that further delays will not be tolerated.   

Representing over 220 environmental organisation and 250,000 people, we last week released a joint statement criticising in the strongest possible terms to Minns government's failure to act.  

Join us to hear from experts, insiders and leading campaigners about the history of deforestation and habitat clearing in NSW, what needs to change, and how we can use this moment to secure critical protections for nature.  


When: Wednesday 16 May, 6:00-6:45pm
Where: Online (Zoom)
RSVP: Register Here

May 16, 2024
6pm - 6:45pm