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Thank your MP for climate action

Just last week the federal government passed the first climate bill in over a decade, finally putting us on the path towards climate action. Despite being long overdue, it took a lot of hard work to get this bill passed.  

While it’s true that the bill is insufficient and does not meet the necessary targets, there is no denying that this bill, and the legislated targets it creates, are a critical first step. 

Enshrining even just a 43% reduction in emissions in law gives businesses and other levels of government the confidence to invest in reducing their emissions and gets us on the right path. 

The bill passed 89-55, with Labor, the Greens, and the ‘teal’ independents coming together, with The Hon. Bridget Archer crossing the floor. If your MP is a part of the ‘ayes’, make sure to thank them for their climate action. Politicians often hear what they’re doing wrong and rarely hear when they’re doing right. 

If your MP stood up for a safer planet, click here to send them a quick email thanking them for their work. If they didn’t - you can edit your email to explain why you’re disappointed that they have stood against progress and a healthy planet.