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Nuclear threat still looms over NSW despite Cabinet rejecting One Nation bill

The threat of a toxic nuclear industry still looms over NSW despite the Cabinet deciding last night to oppose a One Nation bill to overturn the 33-year-old ban on uranium mining and nuclear power.

Cabinet has reportedly asked Nationals Leader John Barilaro to research the business case and consult the community before it will consider lifting the ban.[1] 

“If the ban is lifted, the Berejiklian government will be solely responsible for kick-starting this toxic industry in NSW,” Nature Conservation Council Chief Executive Chris Gambian said.

“It doesn’t matter whose bill it is — uranium mining and nuclear power are dirty, dangerous and unnecessary.

“Apart from being devastating to the land and ground-water, uranium mining would put already overstretched water resources under even more extreme pressure.

“And First Nations people would see even more threat to their land from large multinational mining interests.

“A very broad range of groups in NSW — from conservation groups to unions — has pledged to keep NSW nuclear-free and will do whatever it takes to keep uranium in the ground.

“Let’s be very clear: we will fight this proposal every step of the way.

“MPs should expect to hear from their constituents until this crazy idea is dead and buried.

“The only way Mr Barrilaro’s nuclear industry aspirations can take off is if Liberal MPs vote for it. Their constituents don’t want uranium mining and they should rule out supporting it.

“Rather than waste our tax dollars on building an artificial case for a dangerous and dirty industry that no-one wants, the government should invest that money to continue its work

opening up renewable energy hubs in the Central West, Northern Tablelands and Far West.” 


[1] Berejiklian government to pursue its own uranium push, SMH, 24/8/20

Conservation movement launches campaign to stop toxic uranium mining industry opening in NSW

The conservation movement in NSW has vowed to prevent the mining of uranium in this state following reports that Cabinet is considering lifting a 30-year ban.  

“Nuclear is part of the old, dirty and dangerous way of producing energy,” said Nature Conservation Council Chief Executive Chris Gambian.

“In the age of cheap, reliable, clean energy, we just don’t need it. We already have the technologies that provide solutions.

“Investing in uranium today is like buying a fax machine in the age of the internet.

“Uranium is unnecessary and just adds to the toxic legacy we are already grappling with from other old technologies like coal and gas.

”Taxpayers have been left to pick up the bill for dealing with the toxic pollution left by uranium mines and refineries around Australia,” Mr Gambian said. 

“Long after John Barilaro is long gone, our kids and grand-kids will be left to deal with the clean up bill from the toxic legacy this proposal would leave us. 

“Every MP in the NSW Parliament needs to know this: we will fight this dangerous move every step of the way. 

“Don’t think for a moment that MPs can quietly vote for this and that will be the last they hear about it.  The conservation movement in their electorates will be knocking on their doors right up to election day 2023.

“And every multinational mining corporation with a twinkle in its eye needs to know that we will fight them in the courts, and if need be on the ground, to ensure they never have the chance to destroy the land and water in this way”

It was reported yesterday that the Liberal and National parties had reached a compromise on the issue after Mr Barilaro earlier said the Nationals would support a One Nation bill to overturn the 30-year ban. [1]

“NSW must not become the latest casualty in this industry’s reckless pursuit of profits,” Mr Gambian said.


[1] Uranium mining ban in NSW set to be overturned, Channel 7, 19-8-20