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Picnic for Nature Expression of Interest

We’re planning a state-wide picnic day on Sunday 16 October to bring people together to celebrate nature, grow our communities and talk about how we can conserve nature.

There are several picnics already on the way so please check out the Picnic for Nature page to see if your local area already has a picnic. We’re looking for groups and organisations to put up their hand to co-host a picnic in areas that don't currently have one.  

We’ll help host the picnic by:  

  • Promoting and showing each picnic location on our website;  
  • Encouraging people to RSVP;  
  • Passing on details to groups;  
  • Providing materials;  
  • Helping with organising and media; 
  • And more 

The day will be about celebrating the natural beauty of your local area. But it’s more than just a fun day of getting out and enjoying nature. It’s a chance to get together as a community and talk about our passion and responsibility for the environment. Every picnic will be unique, and you can add your own flair with stalls, music, or children's events and games.


In the meantime, we’re asking you to let us know if you will join us on Sunday 16 October to be part of this exciting state-wide day of picnic for nature. 

In your expression of interest be sure to mention:

  • Your name, email address, and phone number (this is necessary)
  • Your location
  • Your group or organisations name (if any) and
  • Who you're hosting with (if anyone else)

Send a message