NSW Election 2019

It's a wrap! The best part of the NSW election was people like you standing up for nature. You made the environment and climate a key issue this election.

Watch our video that shows the awesome work we did together:






There’s still so much more we have to do to turn things around for our koalas, forests, rivers and climate, but fighting for nature has never been easy and we will never give up. Thank you and let’s charge on!


At the state election in March 2019, we need all political parties and candidates to make the protection of nature and our climate their number-one priority.

There are many threats to nature, but we can tackle them all if the people and their governments work together to help nature to thrive and to make society ecologically sustainable.

To that end, we have launched A Cleaner, Greener NSW - Policies for the 2019 NSW State Election and Beyond, which outlines the most important measures the next government needs to take.

While all the policies are important, here are five top priorities: 

  1. Set up a $2-billion regional renewable energy fund to accelerate the transition from polluting coal-fired power plants to clean energy as part of a plan to get to zero-emissions by 2040;
  2. Set up a $1.5-billion land and biodiversity fund to restore bushland and forest as part of a plan to protect all high-conservation-value habitat from clearing; 
  3. Establish a Sydney Marine Park to give the marine life the world-class protections it deserves;
  4. Create the Great Koala National Park to save our iconic species for future generations; and 
  5. End logging of public native forests to protect what is left of these beautiful ecosystems, which are among the most diverse in the world.

A Cleaner, Greener NSW spells out more than 40 priority policies across 10 areas - from climate and energy to national parks and water - required to safeguard and restore our environment for the benefit of the people, our economy and future generations.

We need leaders who recognise a healthy, functioning environment is essential for the health and wellbeing of the people of NSW.

We call on all the parties and candidates standing for election next March to pledge to adopt these policies.